62" Toro wont start

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by birddseedd, Mar 9, 2013.

  1. birddseedd

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    If it was weekened it would have happened when it initially blew. or at least while i was filtering it and it had something in it. which would have been a result of when the motor shaft snapped last year. seems to work now. iv got it at the shop getting greased up while i play with a skidsteer
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    So honest question... you have a 2002 zero turn that apparently has had a motor shaft snap, which I can honestly was I have never seen happen, blew a hydo pump and wheel motor, what else has gone wrong with it? You must have 5 grand in that piece of sh*t mower. You'd be way better off making a payment on a piece of newer equipment than chasing that thing around and spending valuable time and money on it.

    Serious note about your hydro pump and wheel motor, put it up on jack stands and just let it run. And you really should separate the hydro system, especially if you just put a new pump and motor on one side. Put a separate reservoir and filter in for each side and run them independent of each other. Prevents cross contamination if something goes wrong. Metal is death to a hydro system. I had a wheel motor go our in a Toro and it took out the pump... shortly after I blew the pump on the other side no doubt it was because of all the metal from the blown motor. Anyway, run each pump with it's own reservoir and filter so when the pump/motor you didn't replace go out it doesn't contaminate the brand new parts you just put in.

    I have a reservoir and brand new filter for a early 2000's Z, also have a pump and motor if you ever need them, for a price of course, but cheaper than new.
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    Shoot, Birddseedd practically has his own pit crew of Lawnsite wrenches ironing out each issue as it crops up on this machine.

    Edit- the pros are more than happy to lend out their talent to those that ask and are willing to listen.
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  4. birddseedd

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    haha. thats funny.

    the motor shaft didnt break. the shaft inside the wheel motor broke. the hydro system is really all thats gone wrong with the mower. i jsut didnt have money to fix it.

    well. front tires went low on air over the winter. and that relay. other than that its good.
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    It helps to understand what you reading...before you give advice...
    If you want to sell parts..there is a free section on this site to sell parts and eqpt..
    You tell the OP he is spending too much on his old mower..and then offer to sell him some parts ...
    So that he can reconfigure his hydro system...and open another can of worms...

    Just an observation....
  6. birddseedd

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    i would like to talk about that can of worms. someone said that the hydro oil cannot become cross contaminated.

    This seems, unlikely to me as they are both comming out of the same reservoir. and if one side leaks, it pulls fluid from the other side and it all goes empty. seems to me its quite likely that oil will cross contaminate. all be it you can look at it while you run one side with air in it and there is not A LOT of contamination, but i cannot imagine 0 contamination as another person mentioned.
  7. TFLE

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    I was helping the OP out. He has an old toro Z and I have an old Toro Z sitting in my garage for a parts machine and I recently upgraded and the new mower runs trans gears instead of pumps/motors so I have no use for them. Always nice to know where a good parts machine is if you get in a bind. Wasn't trying to sell the guy anything, just letting him know that I have some cheap parts available. If he is going to put money in the machine I would hate to see him put retail parts into an older machine, especially a guy on a budget like birdseedd is.

    And it's been well documented that birdseedd has lost business due to sub par equipment and breakdowns, I've been there. You gotta know when to pull the plug on a machine and buy something new. A paid for machine is useless sitting in the garage and double useless if you're intent on fixing it, because your working on the machine instead of in the field. Sinking nearly 800 bucks into the machine for a pump/motor like he has is quite an investment.

    As for mounting a second reservoir and filter, how does that open another can of worms? I don't want dirty fluid getting anywhere. Blown wheel motors put out a TON of metal. I know when I drained mine the fluid was almost solid silver, that has to contaminate things. For the little extra why not do it. It's just mounting a tank and running hose, I have the setup and was willing to throw the guy a bone.
  8. birddseedd

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    i think what he meant was that the subject is a heated one around here ( i assume as iv seen this aversion from it before ). some thing it can cross contaminate, some say it cannot.

    im pretty sure it can. wait? is there more than one oil filter on this thing?
  9. birddseedd

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    just courious. how much woudl you sell me ur old pumps for? when mine went out i searched all of america and couldnt find a new one. bought both pump and motor use donline for just under 400 each
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