67% Grade That is a STEEP hill


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I know it isn't practical for the kind of mowing on this forum, but I thought you would get a kick out of seeing this.<br>I ran across a web site for the most unique tractor I have ever seen. Among other things like front and back 3 pt hitch, front or rear or 4 wheel steering factory air, ETC. The ad says it is a great machine for mowing hills including SKI SLOPES! (It is made in Switzerland) Here are some links to get started.<br>http://www.aebi-us.com/tt70/tt70-3.htm<br>http://www.aebi-us.com/tt70/tt70-4.htm<br>Quoting now. &quot; Mowing on steep slopes is no problem, even at an incline of 60-65%!&quot; Note that is % not Degree.

gene gls

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AEBI,is not the only machine made for steep grades. Look at TURF or PRO magazines and you will find others with self center leveling mechinesums for steep grades.

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