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67% Grade That is a STEEP hill


LawnSite Member
Upstate NY
I know it isn't practical for the kind of mowing on this forum, but I thought you would get a kick out of seeing this.<br>I ran across a web site for the most unique tractor I have ever seen. Among other things like front and back 3 pt hitch, front or rear or 4 wheel steering factory air, ETC. The ad says it is a great machine for mowing hills including SKI SLOPES! (It is made in Switzerland) Here are some links to get started.<br>http://www.aebi-us.com/tt70/tt70-3.htm<br>http://www.aebi-us.com/tt70/tt70-4.htm<br>Quoting now. &quot; Mowing on steep slopes is no problem, even at an incline of 60-65%!&quot; Note that is % not Degree.

gene gls

LawnSite Gold Member
AEBI,is not the only machine made for steep grades. Look at TURF or PRO magazines and you will find others with self center leveling mechinesums for steep grades.