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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by wanabe, Mar 2, 2007.

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    I am looking at a 1994 JD 690 ELC. The UC is 70%, boom pins have a little play but not bad, and the main bearing it about the same. Machine has no welds, and still has good original paint. Sheet metal is all straight, runs good, pressure is 40lbs lower than factory rating, and the oil test for hyd/engine both came back good. Meter shows 2200, but not working, and it comes with a 42 inch bucket, and a manual thumb. So what is it worth? Owner asking 34,500. What should I offer? Also, has anyone ever welded different ears on buckets? I found a 60" CF ditching bucket ($700 used) but it has the wrong ears. CF sells the ears for $600. Or should I just find a different bucket?
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    Price wise, that seems in line with a machine with that many hours, but you really don't know how many hours are actually on it. So... I would have an independant 3rd party look at the machine, do an undercarriage eval, check swing bearing for wear, ect. 34 G's is alot of cash!
    As for the bucket ears, it shouldn't be a problem. After you line everything up, using the boom and dogbone pins for alignment with new ears, just weld em on using a 5/32 7018 rod. I'd make 3 passes, one root pass, then clean the slag, and then make 2 hot passes. Outta hold fine. Note how the old ones were welded on and follow the same pattern.

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