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6x10 trailer, 96 F250 PSD, trac-vac for w/b


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Northeast Ohio
I have a 6x10 ez-dumper trailer (its not a dump trailer thats just the brand). Its a 03 model year, I bought it when it was 6 months old, I only used it this year. Nothings bent or damaged, the tail lights are missing the side pieces, this doesn't matter though, its just you can see inside them. Floor was put on new in the spring and sealed $700 obo.

Also have a Trac-vac set up for a walk behind. I think the model number is 476. Everything is there, could use a new hose (6" hose goes from the vac to the barrel). $350

96 F250 with Powerstroke diesel 4x4, 248,000 miles, new transmission was installed 100,000 miles ago with upgraded internals, has cold air intake, 3" downpipe 4" exhaust, 10K mod, new alternator, new batteries, new serp belt, new CPS, ICP sensor, all new brakes all around, all new ball joints up front, all new U-Joints, new brake line to the rear, new shocks all around, underbed fifthwheel setup, A-pillar gauge pod with Autometere Pyrometer, Boost & Trans temp gauges. Also has extang "tuff tonneau", bed liner, westin step bars. When I first bought the truck I did a pressure test on the cooling system, it was fine, changed out the trans fluid, coolant, just now did the axles, of course oil was changed every 5000 miles, fuel filter changed every 4500 miles. Burns just a hair of oil (under 1/4 quart in 5000 miles) which any diesel i've ever delt with this would be more then acceptable. Interior is in really good shape, the driver seat had a rip from getting in and out so much. The exterior is in good shape, paint is chipping off around the wheel openings, no rust has formed yet, its still in the sealer coat, the chips are small, on the passenger side rear corner (bedside) it has some damage, I was towing a trailer with my car's frame on it, backed up and the trailer was on ice swung around and the frame hit the bedside. Its not bad, probably a couple hundred dollars for body work. All the truck really needs is the body work and a set of tires, these are getting low on tread. If it doesn't sell soon, it will be getting the body work and tires and sell it that way for much more. Blue book trade in is 8600 I believe, dealer price is $11,000. I'd let it go for $9000. The blue book value is with the little bit of body damage, but that can never calculate all the bolt on's, and new parts.

email is kc2006@sbcglobal.net