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6x12 enclosed


LawnSite Member
i have a 38 " and 2 21 " getting a 6x12 and thinking about a 48 " but will not haul all at once do most homes and not commerical accounts do you think that is ok for the for the 36 and 21's what do you think.

BTM Lawn Maintenance L.L.C

LawnSite Senior Member
On my 6x12 I can fit my scag 36",walker 42" (no flip up deck)2 21"s, 2 landscape barrles and my 5 gallon gas cans...no problem..you just have to find what fits best where....


LawnSite Bronze Member
I have a 6x12 v nose and fit 36ferris and 48ztr in there with room to spare. I dont know why you would be hauling around 2 21's and a 36 but it would definately fit no problem.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Kitchener, ON
I'll be picking up an Atlas 6x12 at the end of the month (non V nose) with a wide side door, LED lights and a rear ramp of course. I plan to throw in a 48" WB (purchase is in the works), two 21" mowers, trimmer and blower plus other hand tools. I figure I'll have a few feet to spare at the back. I'd keep everything you need to do your job in the trailer at all times. Never know when you'll get a call for an emergency cut or whatever the case may be! For the extra weight it adds to carry your stuff around all the time, you won't see much more in vehicle fuel cost unless of course you have a small truck and weight is an issue.