6x12 Single Or 6x12 Tandem Axle

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    SOUTHERNGREENSCAPES LawnSite Senior Member
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    I Am Just Starting Out In The Landscape Business And Hope To Do General Lawn Maintenance, Landscaping And A Little Pond Building. My Question: Is It Worth The Extra Money To Have The 5500lb. Payload Of A Tandem Axle 6x12 Trailer Or Would I Be Able To Haul Anything I Needed With A Single Axle 6x12 With A 2600lb. Payload? The Only Reason For Considering The Tandem Will Be To Haul Baskets Of Rock For Pond Building Or Pallets Of Block For Retaining Walls Or Multiple Yards Of Top Soil For Raised Beds. Does Anyone Have Any Advice Either Way. I Would Hate To Spend Unnecessary Money On A Bigger Trailer Than I Need, But Would Also Hate To Purchase The Smaller Trailer And Find Myself Needing It Down The Road.
  2. lawn masters 2006

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    id go with the bigger trailer.....an u wont regreat it......:gunsfirin
  3. grass_cuttin_fool

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    Unless you are really sold on a 12 foot tandem, I would search out a 16 foot tandem. A z mower and walkbehind will fill up a 12 foot trailer (11' 6 ''). And because of hauling block and rocks I dont think I would consider a single axle trailer, you will be over weight with just a few supplies

  4. jtkplc

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    I agree, if you're looking at a tandem axle, just get a bigger trailer. Always buy more trailer than you think you need because you will use it in the future.
  5. Jpocket

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    If anything I would get the Tandum Axle b/c they look alot better going down the road.
  6. KeystoneLawn&Landscaping

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    IMO tandems and if ya can afford it the 16' as well, and look for the heavier tandems to get to 7000 gross
  7. jtkplc

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    Yes, I agree with that for sure. That's one of those things that you don't really think about until someone mentions it.
  8. Mike's All Season Service

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    i agree with all that get the heavier...bigger..trailer, it will always leave you with more room to expand your business without having to upgrade your trailer again
  9. Bulldog26

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    And alway get brakes!!!!!!
  10. KeystoneLawn&Landscaping

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    PA requires brakes on all axles if trailer gross is above 3000lbs...better check to see what your state requires...I would hope if you buy in your state the trailer will meet your state requirements

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