7 , 10, 14 day mowing schedule

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  1. About the landscape blade...that was one of the best purchases i made. People are always like what is that thing lol.
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    You sure don't. They expect you to stay on top of things and bill them for it. If there is extra work to be done, question is usually when can you get it done?
  3. I got one lady who we put in 70ish plants for a few months back....she decided she doesn't like em and wants all replaced...yes ma'am!
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    I found the 10 day schedule as very difficult to accomodate while grouping yards in same locations and had us running all over town..then you have the occasional 10 day schedule which falls on sat or Sunday...
    I stopped that practice years ago and that coupled with contracts and moving away from callins made my life much easier and able to grow

    Its very difficult to maintain a consistant maintenance schedule and fold in additional work...
    A seperate crew works for all additional
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    McClane right now, the gang reel has been purchased by the bermuda homeowner and is on the way. I informed the cut quality may not be as good with the reel. He has accepted that but is not prepared to pay for 21K to be cut with a 20 inch reel. He stated that even though the cut quality may not be a good it is still better than what he has been getting with a rotary.

    On the Gang we are starting out with the ProMow Gold 3 Gang. If his works well they are cheap enough I may purchase one for myself. The guy with the acres of empire has agreed to buy one, which he does not want left on the property but rather wants me to take with me....so I may have one of my own with out purchasing but if they are acceptable the cost is right I would not hesitate buying one.

    my McClane backlapping kit just came in this week. I noticed some of the turf not being cut as clean as it should be. I actually ordered it over 3 weeks ago but somehow Mcclane charged me for it, sent me a confirmation email but somehow failed to actually ship the kit. I called them late last week and it arrived early this week.

    The pro mow gang seems simple enough to backlap and they have a instructional video online on how to do it which I can reference if I have questions.
  6. Landscape Poet

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    Glad you have the McClane too. I will give you a buzz maybe now that I know someone else has one. I have that same deal ...the reel cut are mine with the exception of one 1600 square foot one that logistically I let them take care. At this point I have developed one day for myself of reel cut lawns, which it is nice to get away from them for a day and just do my own thing too though.

    I am tired as heck today as I took my employees out to dinner and to halloween horror nights last night. I am too old and not used to being out till 3 am and it is showing today.
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    1" with a gang reel is a big improvement over a rotary any day :Thumbs Up: My only concern is how well it would do on a large area of zoysia. You can be the test case. If it works I have more ammunition to crack the local landscapers over the head with concerning their usage of a rotary just because the area is to big to do with a walk behind.

    On that backlapping kit that McLane is going to send you. Don't do it. Backlapping is supposed to be done at low speeds. The reel should not be turning terribly fast. I am thinking no more than 400 RPM. The kit will give you over 1000. I made an adaptor for the McLane consisting of a steel sleeve with a set screw. That sleeve is then coupled to a shaft that is chucked into a reversible 1/2" variable speed drill. I remove the chain from the reel drive sprocket, extract the sprocket, put the adapter on, and run the drill slowly while brushing compound along the length of the blades.
  8. Landscape Poet

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    Gotcha , When ordering it from McClane it is not very clear what it is as the picture is a generic stock photo. I have uncased it and seen that it is as you described it essentially runs it backword at normal speed. I have noticed on the on many of the reels , including the gang reel from promo that their is actually a device as you describe to move it at a much slower RPM .

    You ever think of making a youtube video giving tips for your friends here at LS including backlapping procedures?

    On the zoysia being cut with a reel....we will see. I hope that it is the same nature in that even slightly poorer cut quality will still result in better turf as I will be able to get to a height that I never could with a rotary...letting apical dominance do its thing thus providing a thicker healthier stand of turf
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    You really want me to be hated in all 50 states don't you? The shops that sell spin grind only sharpening jobs and the replacement reels for the mowers they grind to death will have a price on my head. I might do it anyway. I already have enemies because I do not spot spray or spread granules.

    A less than perfect cut with a reel is better than the shred job done by a rotary. A rotary with the deck dropped low is good for taking down overgrown lawns because you want all of that mat and excess vegetation to be ripped out. Not so much if the idea is to keep healthy turf. Thicker turf needs less water and chemicals to be green and have less weeds. On bermuda and zoysia ,that means mowing low with a reel.
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    I did my first reel cuts on the new Zoysias yesterday. The quality is night and day over the 60" rotary hack. You could just tell by end of the blade. No fraying, no clippings. My spray guy has one more treatment and all the color, injured spots should be all evened out. I'm not worried about getting my other guys up to speed. Half are family and share my OCD tendencies. The areas aren't big enough to stripe but I can still alter directions weekly.

    I'm following GD on the lapping advice. You don't want to exceed 400rpm when lapping unless you really want to buy new reels on a regular basis. I'm going to see how long I can go before the edge is gone. The soil I'm on isn't as gritty as you typically find.
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