7 , 10, 14 day mowing schedule

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by williams lcm, Oct 6, 2013.

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    Then you are fine. I thought you were up against more meticulous companies.
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    One of them asked my customer if I was a retired guy doing this for a hobby since I was using an "outdated lawnmower". The customer told him he must never get near a golf course. That was my chuckle for the day.
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  3. picked up 2 nice accounts this week that will total $800/mo not including hedges or gardening work.

    One is empire/st aug...the empire section will get cut with a reel.

    The other lawn is currently common Bermuda/some st aug/broadleaves that is going to be either empire or celebration....gonna get cut with a rotary though cause the terrain has too many slopes.

    my patience is really starting to pay off. I believe this winter is going to be great.
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    "chokes on iced water" Outdated, huh? If your competition has that kind of hack it up, the faster the better mentality, then you are all set. That jackwagon must never look at the grass at a golf course or pro league sports field. To me, the ones that are not serious are using some kind of 21" rotary. I have to up the ante a little because everyone has either a Tru-Cut or McLane in varying states of disrepair. People in town are starting to talk about "that guy with the Toro greensmower on the trailer".
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    I see a lot of hackjob lawn services around here but it seems like a lot of customers don't really care, I see the same crews of guys hacking up lawns week after week after week in my own neighborhood. It seems like as long as the home owners association doesn't ***** their ok. I take my time on each and every lawn; I don't rush and I don't leave until it's finished. My average residential account is around $120 a month and $150 for a corner lot, which includes keeping the flower beds weed free and hedges trimmed. I get a lot of weird looks until people see my work.

    The funny thing is I don't have to slow down that much to make a yard look really, really good.
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    I used to do the same thing. Charge More but take my time and do excellent work. Fact is I did that for Too Many Years before I got smart.

    Now I make more money with less effort doing the Blow & Go type work. While there are a few PITA people who could tell the difference, most customer really don't care if their landscape is perfect.

    Since I only do Pest Control, I even went after the working class market for Fire Ant Control only. My route is now 50/50 Fert & Squirt vs Ant control. I charge less for ant control than Full Service Fert & Squirt but make more money per stop. Gasoline to get to the job costs me more than the Product I use to kill their Fire Ants. Fertilizer/Pesticides are costing me 30% to 35% plus the extra time and hassle.

    It is all about a Marketing Plan. Each type of service has it's advantages. I admit Super fine work has a excellent customer loyalty. Blow & Go will leave you for $ 2.00 less a Treatment. Upscale customers are much quicker to pay on time, In fact I have had them chase me down the street to pay me.

  7. greendoctor

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    Loyalty and financial responsibility. Lots of Dollar store types out there. I call the bigger companies the Kmarts of lawn care. Not a lot of people that are like Neiman Marcus or the Bentley dealership. "don't leave until I give you your check". Music to my ears.
  8. Ric

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    Everyone to their fancy Nancy as she Kissed the Cow. The thing about it is, I Know how and have been there and done the perfect Work. Now I know better.

    I am Glad I won't miss a meal if I don't wait for check. Fact is if a customer doesn't pay I just write them off and move on.

    About 2 years ago I realized how much extra time and aggravation it was costing me to do that Flawless work and How much the customer didn't realize the difference. I still have those same L&O accounts only I have more time to do the working class Fire Ant jobs. Yes I had to put a second Unit on the road as a one man. I still have My Cab Over for the Fert & Squirt. But I also have a Pick up with a 300 gallon skid spray and a Ride on Toro Multi-pro with a 150 gallon tank for Fire Ant Control. It cost me $ 7.50 per acre for Insecticide, which less than the gasoline to get to the job.

    BTW I now use a Helper to drag hose. Because I don't have to stop to move hose etc, I can do the Job 3 to 4 times faster. Plus if the Customer comes out and talks with me the Helper keeps spraying. Years ago I wouldn't have trusted a helper to spray. Now I know it won't make a differences to the Customer.

    What works for me, doesn't mean it will work for you. But I am a happy camper with more jingle in my pocket because I finally realized the customer doesn't realize the difference between acceptable work and perfect work.


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