7.3 Fuel N Collant

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Turf Dawg, Mar 14, 2013.

  1. Turf Dawg

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    From what I have read and been told it sounds like I have cracked injector cups. About how much $$$$$$$$$ am I looking out?

    I sold a 99 7.3 with almost 300K on it and did not do anything but water pumps and it is still going. I bought this 04 with only 140K and have put on a starter, needs rear main replaced and now this :cry: Man I thought I was really stepping up into a nicer truck :hammerhead:

    It was supposed to say fuel in coolant, but it would not let me change the title

    CLARK LAWN LawnSite Silver Member
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    Injector cups. Ill be able to get you more info tomorrow.
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  3. herler

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    Something doesn't sound right, are you sure you have fuel in the coolant?
  4. Mowingman

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    Oh my,you have that 6.0 Powerstroke now. That is a really bad engine design.
    You need to go to the Ford Powerstroke Forums and read up on that engine. It can be dependable, but you will need to spend around $4000 on kits and installs, to "bulletproof it, and make it dependable. Otherwise, patch it up, and get rid of it while it is still running.
    FYI: We have a good diesel shop in Denton. The owner can make that engine reliable and trouble-free, for less than the above mentioned cost. I think fixing 6.0 Powerrstrokes is one of his specialties.
    PM me if you think you might want his contact info.
    Good luck
  5. Turf Dawg

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    Hello Jeff, long time no see

    This truck has the 7.3, I did not want the 6.0. Thought I was getting a good deal but it might have set too long. The owner passed and it just sit for nearly two years.
    I have heard some places can replace the cups without pulling anything so that should keep the cost down some. After the tires, batteries, starter, couple of small things and now this maybe that good deal is not going to be nearly as good.
  6. Turf Dawg

    Turf Dawg LawnSite Gold Member
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    this truck is a 03. My other truck is a 04.

    This time of year there are two million things on my mind and my pee brain gets overloaded at times.
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  7. herler

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    I don't understand the problem, sounds like you're just made of money, is the truck fixed yet, why are we even having this conversation?
  8. Mowingman

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    Ok, 7.3 lasted until midyear of 03. That is a tough deal on that engine. With it being the 7.3, it ought to be a good one. Maybe once you get the old bugs worked out, it will be a dependable workhorse like most of them are. I am getting ready to buy a 97, with 318,000 on it. I don't even consider that high miles on a 7.3.
    Not sure why you are having all that trouble on a 7.3.
    Take care, and hope you have a good year up there.
  9. mowermankevin

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    Hey T.D. would you keep us posted on what you find? I may be looking at the same situation. Started as a tiny water leak and ended up taking the intake off the block on a '06 6.0L. Went ahead and did 3 of the 5 things listed on the Powerstroke Lawsuit paperwork that arrived the other day, oh boy!!! just a turbo and fuel injectors and....??? Got the truck running yesterday, holding my breath.. extended warranty ran out @ 100K/6 yrs & barely 101K on it. Good Luck, the powerstroke forums are very helpful, your not alone a lot of people are having problems, but the older trucks ARE better and don't need diesel emission fluid !!
  10. Landrus2

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