7.3L powerstroke

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by mowerbrad, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. unkownfl

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    Reread your post in this thread section #18.
  2. Valk

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    Does any brand of diesel truck fair better when doing all this starting-and-stopping that many/most LCOs do? Seems that a diesel's forte is for longer distance hauling...and for putting on a LOT of annual miles?


    I've got a customer with a '97 F250 7.3 that hauls a big sleep-over-the-cab camper in the bed...an aerodynamic nightmare! The whole rig is around 11k lbs loaded. He's got ~312,000 miles & nearly all those miles with that camper on it. He says he can sometimes get 21mpg w/ no camper...and he averages around 11-12mpg (occasionally 14mpg) with the loaded camper on and with mostly hwy miles doing 55-60mph.
  3. WH401

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    I typed it, I know what it says, but apparently you need to reread my post as I never said the 5.9 was the best diesel engine ever put in a pick up. I simply said that MowingMan stating that the 7.3 was the best engine ever put in a pick up was a flawed opinion.
  4. unkownfl

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    Now your just being ignorant "No doubt the 7.3 was a good engine, probably the best diesel engine ever put in a Ford. But best diesel engine ever used in a pick up of any brand?, no way. You forget about the 5.9 Cummins. Just look at the life the 5.9 had in Dodge pickups, a life that spanned almost 20 years. As far as reliability, towing ability, and overall power, the 5.9 can't be beat"(WH401 post #18).
  5. esnipe8

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    207,000 on my 7.3 Crew cab 4x4. Best truck ever, period. Bulletproof. Not one issue.
  6. OhioMowerGuy

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    3 of the guys I know with 7.3s have all had transmission problems, glow plugs, glow plug relays, injectors, ball joints, CPS and oil pan issues. My 04 duramax has over 105k miles and 5100 hours on the meter and the motor and transmission have never been touched, ball joints are still fine after 6 years of plowing and I dont have a little plow either. With that being said If your heart is set on a ford get a 7.3
  7. mowerbrad

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    My heart was pretty set on a duramax as of about a week or two ago. Then after doing some more "digging" I found out how much the costs to repair a duramax are, and started rethinking it. My mechanics said that a 7.3 powerstroke is a good engine and much "cheaper" to repair than a duramax (thats all relative to diesels though). The fact that the repair costs are less than a duramax make me feel a little better about the engine too.

    The one that that I really like on the duramax trucks is the allison tranny. I wish I could get an Allison on a ford. I hear of very little problems with Allisons and they have a very good reputation. But I don't hear that many tranny problems with fords either so, I have to consider that. And I won't really be putting much strain on a tranny either.
  8. OhioMowerGuy

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    All diesels are expensive to work on. The only thing im aware of that is pricey on a duramax are injectors that commonly went out in 01-early 04s
  9. Moto52

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    The 7.3 is the best motor ford has ever had in there trucks, all you need is a cold are intake 4'' turbo back exhaust and a DP tuner and it will have more power then a stock duramax, cummins and 6.0 ford. I've got an 02 7.3 with 350,000kms which it has not been babied all its life tows lots and still original powertrain.
  10. HLnick

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    i have 3 7.3. a 99 350 dump just did the tranny its got 132,000 on it, i was plowing in 2wd for 3 snow storms. a 99 550 dump with 118 and a 2000 550 dump with 120 all run good better than my 04 450 dump with a 6.0 it has 85,000 has more power loaded and pulling a trailer but had to fix a lot more than the 7.3

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