7.3L powerstroke

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by mowerbrad, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. Moto52

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    I'm a ford guy and I would NEVER buy a 6.0... alot more problems i've seen with those motors then any other motor i've ever heard of, there is a big reason ford is sueing international over that motor.
  2. unkownfl

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    What are you racing a mile. 90mph is a low 15 second pass now your telling me your truck goes 15's with a tuner cai and exhaust.
  3. Moto52

    Moto52 LawnSite Member
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    i've never had my truck at the track before but i'm sure it could run into the high 15s . my buddys chevy did 16.1 and i can beat his truck.
  4. Turf Commando

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    7.3 Liter Diesel was the greatest motor Ford ever made ....
    The D-max is nice, huge improvement from previous Chevy diesels ...
  5. tony58

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    I've got a 96 with 318k on the odometer.I had a sorry ass cummins it like to broke me.I had 77k and it went thru two lift and injector pumps @ $2400.00 each time.Dodge or cummins would not stand behind the piece of JUNK.7.3 all the way!!!
  6. mowerbrad

    mowerbrad LawnSite Fanatic
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    It seems like the 7.3 will be the way to go. I already knew I wasn't going to get a dodge as their trannies suck. The d-max engines are nice, but the ones in my price range have the injector issues and they are really expensive to fix. But the 7.3's seem to be an engine that has good longevity (sp?) and seems to be a little cheaper to fix than the dmax's, more like the price of my 6.5. So, I think I am pretty set on 7.3 for my next truck, I've got a friend that has a 7.3 but I haven't really asked him all about it but I know he likes it. Guess I'll have to talk to him about it a little more.
  7. Gravel Rat

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    My brother tells me now his transmission is going I'am pretty sure its the second transmission truck has around 140,000 miles he had the lift pump replaced the Dodge dealer charged him over 300 dollars for the part. Injection pump needs replacing. Now he is looking at 4 grand in repairs for his Dodge and he can't afford it.

    One thing you are going to notice going from a Chev to a Ford the ride is going to be a little rougher and if your going with a 4x4 Ford better buy a step stool to get in and out of the truck :laugh:
  8. farmboy1285

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    How come your wanting out of your 6.5L, besides it being a chevy lol.
  9. mowerbrad

    mowerbrad LawnSite Fanatic
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    My truck is only a single cab and that is becoming really small. I'm really in need of an ext cab, it would make life a whole lot easier on me. I really want to be able to store more things inside my truck when I need to. When I have my fire gear in my truck now, it makes it a 1 person cab unless I throw the gear in back. I really just need the extra inside storage space.
  10. farmboy1285

    farmboy1285 LawnSite Senior Member
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    Makes sence, I guess you could get a locking tool box for the bed for you gear and other stuff but still Im sure the extra space would be nice. Plus you gotta be careful with the gear to I new a guy that had his stolen out of his truck one night, the department wasn't to happy.

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