7.3L powerstroke

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by mowerbrad, Feb 11, 2010.

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    The 6.0 can be made more reliable ya it involves removing the egr system and head studs.
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    I've had the old 96 since I believe 04 or 05. I have personally put over 100k on it since then and other than normal things you need to expect from a high mileage vehicle havent had to replace anything out of the ordinary or that surprised me. An excavator buddy of mine has an 02 F350 single wheel psd he bought about 18 months ago with 110k, I was with him last night and hes put 80k on it since then, running up and down the highway with an S250 bobcat, tracks, and two buckets most of the time, and its been damn good to him, crowding 200k no major problems. As far as this guy is concerned and the money he's wanting to spend, I think a 7.3 would be the best all around bang for his buck.
  3. mowerbrad

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    The 7.3 seems to be the best all around engine for me. I maintain my vehicles quite well, so I'm not worried about that once I own the truck, its just the previous owner that I have to worry about. Hopefully the previous owner will have taken care of the truck well.

    There seems to be plenty of trucks out there, but none of the good deals are near me, they are more down south, with quite a few in texas. The only problem that I have, is that I wouldn't be able to actually take a look at the truck before I buy it. I hate to make a huge trip to look at a truck, only to not buy it.

    But I have found plenty of F250's and F350's that meet my criteria (which isn't nearly as high as before). I now need to really figure out what the fuel mileage will be on one, so I make sure that I will be happy with it.
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    My stock '95 would get about 17 at best on the highway empty, When the cat and muffler fell off and was shot up with an Edge on Tow Mode I would get 20-22 with plenty of power. Had to be carefull when pulling a heavy load because it liked to slip with the auto... I had just over a 700 mile range between the two tanks per fillup...

    I still love the way old powerstrokes sound with no cat/muffler!!!

    Don't even get me started about driving cross country to buy trucks!!!
    I've learned to buy local, no further explanation needed...
  5. Moto52

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    OK someone please show me what tranny they made for only 03 and 04, cause the 5R110 torqueshift came out in 2005?????????????
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    I have 350,000 kms on it i don't know exact but i think thats around 220,000 miles.. I don't care about repair bills i'll fix it when it breaks, its still cheaper to fix this then buy a 50k new diesel truck.
  7. Moto52

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    man i feel like an idiot now i just checked and the 5R110 did come out in 2003. I got screwed up though cause the 2005 + trannys when you put them in tow haul mode they gear down and i know the 04s don't do that cause a friend of mine has it...
  8. Moto52

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    I guess i should explain what i'm talking about I mean gear down as is when you let off the gas to start to slow down it will gear down like your driving a standard... and 03 and 04s don't do that..
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    No it didnt!!! the 6.0 was mated with the Torqshift!! go look at any add anywhere from 03 and 04. You are flat out WRONG!!! Go look at listings for 03 and 04's it will say Torqshift! come on man. geez.
  10. TXNSLighting

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    Youre wrong AGAIN. They have always worked the same since 03. My 04 had the same downshift. thats what the torqshift is known for.

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