7.3l vs 6.0l powerstroke, which one and why?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by UrbanGreen, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. KFX450RXC

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    That's good to hear. Its been nine years since this post was going on but the guy may still be on the fence. :laugh:
  2. 93f2507.3

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    It's always a possibility
  3. dieselss

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    Sure it is........

    Screenshot_20181010-220035_Samsung Internet.jpg
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  4. Grant1

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    I bought an 06 F450 with a 6.0. Paid $6500. to have it bullet proofed wiih a new radiator water pump fuel pump and head studs. Truck is awesome
  5. 93f2507.3

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    How many miles did it have on it? The only reason I ask is my 06 f350 6.0 dually crew cab has 247200 miles on it now and it is 100% stock nothing done to it. Only thing I am getting ready to do is order a 6sp manual transmission from RockAuto and do a swap from automatic to the manual. As well as egr delete.
  6. Mac-s Lawn & Snow

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    I have both automatic and manual 2002 trucks. the floor pans are different and you will have to do alot of cutting to do the conversion. Not 100 percent certain on this.
  7. 93f2507.3

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    I was gona say the trans I'm ordering is supposed to be a oem direct replacement. But thanks for the heads up I'll have to do some more research before I just started the job
  8. Mac-s Lawn & Snow

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    There's a big hump in the floor by the shifter on the 6 speed. The automatic is alot more flat. The ZF6 is a big transmission and you would possibly need crossmember mods and driveshaft mods. Your 06 has a different automatic than mine so I could be wrong on your truck.
  9. 93f2507.3

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    I'm going to call the Ford dealership tomorrow morning to find out for sure but I found the transmission on rockauto. Com which I use them for a lot of my stuff and I've never had issues with any of my parts and I had one injector that would dropped on my old 7 3 Powerstroke and they replace it immediately it was a brand new injector
  10. Mark Oomkes

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    Horse hockey.

    I had 3, none were modified or used tuners. Nothing but problems. And the problems were not EGR's getting plugged. Or the "normal" issues that bulletproofing would have "fixed".

    It's ridiculous to think you have to spend $6,500 in an attempt to make an engine more "reliable".
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