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    So met with a customer yesterday and wanted a price for weed program. The customer bought multiple lots in a row and built a house in the middle.

    Because they couldn't afford my pricing for doing a full program on 7 acres I broke the area down and gave them a hybrid program.

    Home lot is .8 acres is was sodded with centipede.
    The side fields are 6.2 acres and has been graded and so rugged with centipede.

    I priced the home lot for my full 6 step program and did the fields as follows

    App 1 - spring pre prodiamine sprayed/3way/atrazine to clean up Poa and weeds
    App 2 - 15-0-15 granular at .5 lb n only. No weed spray
    App 3 - same as app 2
    App 4 - fall pre app of simazine.

    I'm curious what your pricing would be for that program on the field part? Some of my developed apps will coincide with the normal apps on the home. Example round 2 I will Fert home also but spray weeds too. I am using a z spray.

    I find big areas hard to figure. Simazine might cost $8 per acre and the round 1 mix above is around $30 per acre. The price only goes up when you start to spray and fertilize. Most of my product pricing indicate fertilizer is much more expensive than weed control. But my thoughts are that spraying for weeds should cost more than spreading Fert based on the knowledge it takes.

    I priced it at $2370 not including the home lawn which I priced at my normal residential rate. Curious to get some thoughts on this and hope the lawnsite bashes don't come out.
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    That's cheaper than I would have done it, but you'll still make money and the labor on big open areas is easy. I just got a 30+ acre contract for weed control only at a slightly higher rate. In the the end, if your making money and the customer is happy, then you're doing fine.
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  4. grassmasterswilson

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    2370 total for the 4 apps described that would be done on the 6.2 acres. I'm a solo operator.
  5. RigglePLC

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    Around $84 per acre. That is low in my opinion. Also I would trade one of the fert apps for weed control. Your cost is cheaper than fert; easier to load. Chances are you will have plenty of weeds.
    If you are skilled labor and charge $70 per hour. That leaves you with $14 to cover the cost of fert per acre.
    Never give a volume discount in this business. Chemical cost per acre does not change. Labor cost per acre does not change. Postage cost is less--you only have to send one bill. (If they pay on time.)

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    I have had good success estimating larger properties using time and materials approach. Figure what your costs(time and materials) are for the year to do his property, lets say its $1500. then decide what your percentage of margin needs to be to make a profit and pay your fixed costs of doing business. If I wanted to make a 40% margin, I divide the $1500 by .60 which comes out to $2500. then divide that by your four treatments for a treatment price of $625.

    I recently quoted a 7.4 acre apartment complex property using this approach and when my number was too high for their yearly budget I just trimmed out some of the materials(sedge control mainly) and number of applications from the proposal. I didn't trim the profit margin.
  7. foreplease

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    To go over all 7 acres (6.2+0.8) with the spreader or sprayer empty, I would charge:

    Granular $448.20 each application
    Sprayed $529.20 each application

    To that I would add materials at my cost
    Add 20% Profit & Overhead

    Job Total

    Doing only the 6.2 A would save them $35.40 on granular applications and $37.40 on sprayed applicatipns for the work of applying the material. Add materials and P & O as above.

    To do only the 0.8 A...I am the wrong guy. I have a 2 acre minimum due to equipment size and the fact that I only do athletic fields. It would price me way out of doing only that.

    Good luck. Hope this helps you.

    Clarification: I would not do the 0.8 for the $35.40 and $37.40, respectively. That is my incremental charge per acre once I am already working there.
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  8. grassmasterswilson

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    Thanks guys. I charged the home site at my regular residential pricing. The pricing I have giving is for the 6.2 acre areas only.

    They couldn't afford the full program so I "dumbed it down" a little but warned them the control might not be adequate.

    For the 6.2 acre program my rd 1 chemical cost is 26/acre, the two middle Fert apps are $57/acre(1/2 lb N rate) and my rd 4 app weed is 8-10 per acre. They get no sedge control or spot treatments and call backs would not be free.

    So I figured I had 930 is chemicals and leaves 1440. Take some for equipment cost and I might net 1000. Was figuring I could get in and out in 2 hours so 125/ hour profit sounded ok to me.

    If all goes well I can impress them with my apps and explain the need for more apps. Their daughter owns one of the fields and plans to build at some point so that could change the whole picture.
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    You think $84.00 per acre is low? Thats not low, it's obscene! For that price i will stay home!
  10. RigglePLC

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    Whoops I was thinking your labor would be an acre per hour if you did it by hand. I am sure you will be using equipment to cover it more quickly. You should not give the customer a discount--just because you have fast (and expensive) equipment.
    Does an airline give you a discount just because they fly faster?
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