7 acre site...what's your price

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by grassmasterswilson, Oct 23, 2013.

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    I am low at $100 an acre....I gotta go up next year. This volume discount thing kills me....i can by a truck load of fert or 220 -275 gallons of broadleaf control I dont get a volume discount. I do offer a 5% prepayment discount to all residential though. Sorry off post.
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    $100/acre...No Freakin way! A good quality 30%N fert costs me around $20/50lb. 3 bags per acre and my material cost for fert alone is $60 add a little weed control and I'm out there for $20/acre. No thanks...

    I have never given volume discounts. I look at it like this. I need to make as much money spraying one 44,000 ft sq lawn as I do spraying four 11,000 ft sq lawns. The materials cost me the same either way. The only thing I have saved by doing one large stop as opposed to the four smaller ones is about a gallon of gas used to drive between them. IMO, volume discounts are for businesses selling a product, not a service.
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    Well said. People do not pay my 1000 sq ft x 43 price for an acre, however, materials are not given away. Just because it is a larger area does not mean I start putting cheap stuff in the tank. If someone cannot afford me, and yes, this happens with alarming regularity when the lawn is over 5000, I walk.
  4. meets1

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    agreed. That is why we job cost everything we did this year. Some odd ends were left out but from time / account. Product used. Travel to and from. Every now and then it is just good business sense to take the time, document everything you possible can and sit down and re-evalute "the business". Usually my or yourself's work is always good therefore that seldom changes.
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    So u charge the same price per k for a 3k lawn as you do a 30k lawn?

    We have a price break as the lawns get larger.
    I think every business does wether it's painting laying asphalt or lawn care.
    Time and fuel is a huge cost if I can do 15 acres a day vs someone doing 150k a day that is worth a lot to me.
    Plus larger lawns should help you increase your buying power and that helps even more.

    We charge about $5.50 per k on a 10 k lawn. That is right where most everyone is in our marketing area.
    We can't charge $5.50 per k on a acre. No way!

    We are down to $3-3.50 on large lawns and making good money!
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    Went and treated the entire property. What the town gis said the lot was 7.33 acres. I tried to measure it with my wheel but the property was so large and irregular. I estimated the house and driveway to be .33 acres. That is how I came up with the 7 acres.

    It took my 2 hrs from gate drop to gate lift. I had to fill the zmax up 1 time. Everything went smooth. After calculating the gallons I used the actual spray coverage was a little over 6 acres. A plus for me. The property is surrounded on 3 sides by a farmers field so they may have plowed over the property line. Then you also have to subtract the beds.

    So I priced it at 7 acres and sprayed out 6 acres. Job took 2 hrs. Sprayed simazine at 1 qt per acre and feel I did pretty good on it.
  7. TurfWerks

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    I charge way more than that.. 2300 an app was more inline for what I was thinking.. Good luck..
  8. ted putnam

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    Rodney, I have a $30 minimum just to show up in front of someone's house. I charge $5/k for every 1000 sq ft over that. I get $200-$215/acre all day long depending on certain factors. Some croak at the price(usually cheapskates with large lawns), others never blink an eyelash. Some of that has to do with my reputation in this area(most of my business comes through referrals). My closest competitor is priced slightly less than me up to about 30k but like you offers big discounts for everything over about that 30k mark. You are paying much less for your fertilizer I suspect due to volume, proximity to supply and some other factors so that makes a difference in the prices you charge also. Cost of materials aside, I've never felt that just because I work longer and in some cases harder at someone's property, I was somehow worth less money or they for some reason deserved a "deal". I just will not operate that way...
  9. greendoctor

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    A bigger lawn is no easier to deal with than a little lawn. I have always said, the only break comes when I can drive the entire lawn with the 10 ft boom and not have any nooks or crannies to do with the hand piece. Moment I have nooks and crannies to do with the backpack or hose from the skid, the big lawn is as much work as a little lawn. No such thing as areas I am not spraying because the truck cannot go in there. No such thing as overspraying nearby ornamentals either. My price reflects the fact that no area I have ever done could be covered 100% from the truck and the only people who have applied to more than individual weeds in a small lawn are the golf course spray people. They will not touch anything outside of the golf course they are employed at.
  10. ted putnam

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    To the OP.

    We will sometimes spray weed control and not fertilize but we never fertilize and not spray for weeds.

    Prices usually don't differentiate between either/or. This is mostly due to convenience in billing and the fact that a single application of 1 or 2 products in a spray solution is not even going to come close to controlling all the varieties of weeds we have in our warm season turf.

    Your annual program for this property is not a whole lot more than we would charge for a single application at a property this size, especially if there were many obstacles or "nooks and cranny's" as greendoctor has pointed out.

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