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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Commonwealth LC, Jun 13, 2005.

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    A customer has a problem with her pavers sliding on the ground in her back yard because they are sitting on nothing but a dark clay. The area is also on a pretty bad slope, its about 1/4 ft. every 2 feet of slope. if thats how you would say it.... anyways, i told her i could do a gravel walkway but i dont know if i could leave the slope as is or if i would have to even out the area that the walkway would be?


    i told her i would have a price by the end of the week and all i know right now is the gravel would cost about $80 and i have to pick it up. how would you guys charge? i was think 300-350? If you guys dont understand what im asking please let me know what else you need in order to help, im going to the property tomorrow to take a pic on the dig cam. I appreciate the help!
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    Yes a pic would be nice,I would say the gravel is going to slide down on the slope and end up on the downside.What about gravel and her pavers but with a properly prepared base and some leveling out?
  3. Commonwealth LC

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    I would do that but she is wanting a small budget job. i will have a pic up tomorrow and then maybe it will be easier for you to see what is going on. thanks

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