$7000 a year , gardener's quote


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Bend Oregon
Hi, I was recently quoted by yard service people, $1000, a month to maintain my yard (my yard is mainly lawn). We have about 7 months of lawn season here, therefor $ 7000 total for a year.
My yard is about 3/4 acre of lawn . This service includes mowing ,dumping of clipping , edging, fertilizing, weeding, blowing irrigation line before winter etc. Is this seems reasonable?
This yard is put in last year and I've never hired landscape maintenance people before, although I'm not gullible enough to pay $1000 a month just for a mowing service, but when fertilizing lawn , weeding , dumping of cuttings etc included cost that much may be? I really like these yard people I met but just wanted some to find out from you proffesionals, if this sounds right....Thank you so much!!

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