7001 redmax problem

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by s and s mowing, Apr 9, 2005.

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    update,went to dealer today,blower was in a thousand pieces.redmax said to tear engine down to inspect,and it looked perfect.cylinder and piston was spotless,bearings fine.so he was gonna button back up and install new carb and new ignition box.hope that fixes it.now,i thought that the opti2 oil had caused some of my problems,and had even thoght opti had caused my siezure last year but i was wrong.that is some good oil.after seeing my engine tore down i am a believer,so much i ordered a 100 gal mix jug this afternoon.thanks for you guys help and all of you where right to a degree.all i can say is opti2 in your 2 cycles
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    that's a pretty amazing engine isn't it? mine messed up a few weeks back and i found it was caused by a piece of metal from the air filter mesh that went in the intake and scored the cylinder wall pretty good, new parts and it's back to good
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    I have had an occasional 7001 have a rough running due to fuel quality. This particular blower is a high compression engine. My demo unit until broke in ran better on mid grade or premium. For good measure replace the plug. Generally the ignition is a live or dead and deteriorates with heat. Is the tank vent operating properly is another possible cause. Get it to the dealer and explain it has a 2 year commercial warranty and you want it to run right. If it's a manufacturers defect fix it. If it's my fault show me how to never have this problem again. Either way you need it right.

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