700R4 adjustment procedure?


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anyone know why I can't seem to adjust my trans 700R4 correctly, I have used the factory procedure which is to push on the adjuster button while opening the throttle all the way and it will rev up in between shifts and not give me full RPM shifts either like that. When making the adjustment "looser" which you can do by pulling on the cable end while pushing the adjuster or pushing it in for that matter, I can get the RPM better, but then it seemst to waver in and out of overdrive constantly at highway speeds. Does tire size or anything else make a difference to this. For the record it is internally stock, I just changed the fluid/filter and it had a shift kit put in at some U/K time ago.


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The detent cable must be absolutely TIGHT at WOT. The reason your trans is kicking down too early is the detent cable is too loose. You should be able to play a song on it at WOT if its adjusted right. You may need to adjust the bracket holding the cable adjuster if its bent. If the cable never gets absolutely tight at WOT it may have fallen off the rod inside the tranny. This sometimes happens when installing a shift kit.. Let us know how it goes.