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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by superintendent, Jan 23, 2011.

  1. superintendent

    superintendent LawnSite Senior Member
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    I've been invited to bid on a 71 acre school bid. It consist of the high,middle,elementary,primary and around the athletic fields but not the fields. Must trim around all objects each time the properties are mowed. Roughly 4 hrs of trimming. So roughly what would yall charge to do this. Or tell me what you would charge an acre. If you want if some of yall do schools and want to pm me that would be great. Thanks. This is an invitation bid
  2. Ric3077

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    I would be about $4000-$5000 per cut...I would have to see it but that is ballpark...I know someone will prob win that bid for like $1000 a cut which is the sad thing...
  3. SouthSide Cutter

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    Your bid would be around 63 dollars a acre and the 1000 bid would be around 14 per acre. Wish I could get 63 dollars a acre to cut large areas. Around here it will be closer to 1000 for the bid. And NO school corp. is going to pay you 117,000 to cut their grass a year. That is 26 cuts times 4500 dollars. Not when they are going to lay off teachers and in these times.
  4. Mike Blevins

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    I was contacted a couple years back to bid the area schools. 6 schools and the school board office. The contractor had quit on them and they needed someone until July when the contract ended. Another landscape company got the bid at $1200.00 a week. When the new contract came up for bid he thought he would be asked to renew. He bid was beat by $400 a week. :hammerhead: Sometimes you have to just know when to walk away.
  5. ef200098

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    Yeah, around here schools and municipalities dont pay crap. If you can get $16 an acre you will be doing VERY WELL. And depending on who it is, they will have you bid at a weekly price and have you cut every other, so it takes you twice as long. Its not worth doing it at all.

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  6. superintendent

    superintendent LawnSite Senior Member
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    I went to the schools today and roughly it will take about 18hrs of weedeating 5 hr of push mowing and then the rest ride mowing. Total of 71 acres. so what would you charge. $1000 dollars a mowing you are crazy. After all of the expense you be in the hole. I'm thinking around $100,000 or more.
  7. Tinkerer

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    Plus side: one job to drive to and from that day as in less wear n tear on the truck and much less wasted travel time.
    Minus side: 5 hours of trimming? I think I wouldn't be able to feel my arms after trimming that long and my knees would be very sore. For a job that big I would look into one of those trimmer attachments that you put on the side of your riding mower.
    Would you be limited in what hours you can mow? Certainly can't mow with kids nearby. Do you mow evenings or saturday-sunday. Does a church rent out any rooms to use on sunday?
  8. SouthSide Cutter

    SouthSide Cutter LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Didnt say I would do it for 1000. Just telling you dont think it will be what you think. Bid 100,000 and see if you get it. Bet you dont. I bid some school property and I about chit what it went for. Had a guy tell me of a job that was 300 acres. Mowed it in 1 day. He had some big mowers. It used to be 4000.00 per cut. Last time he bid it went for 1400.
  9. oldclawn

    oldclawn LawnSite Senior Member
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    If you really have to repeatedly ask here to have all the experts bid for you then maybe you are not ready for a job this size. It's a lot of equipment and time, and unless they were going to guarantee you several years it would maybe be best to concentrate n what you do best.
    In the midwest areas larger jobs traditionally pay less, are open to more scrutiny and competition, and long term contracts are generally rare.
    Ten 7 acre jobs or 20 3 acre jobs offers a lot more recurring security than ONE large job.
  10. superintendent

    superintendent LawnSite Senior Member
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    The high school and the middle school are together and it's 45 acres the other three schools are about another 10 plus mile drive. Must mow when school is out. Can not use any round-up on anything. Must blow off all walk-way.

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