72 dead immigrants

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by FIMCO-MEISTER, Aug 25, 2010.


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    it's later than most people think, the mexican mafia is big in the pot trade here and has been for years.
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    Ugly and disturbing.
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  5. AI Inc

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    Letting anyone who wants to grow 5 plants on their own property would put an end to that.
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    And don't support Mexico with your vacation money. Do like Fimco and go to Europe, or even Canada. Or there are some sweet places here in the US that most of us have never seen. But don't support a country that is basically running it's own people out of the country and into ours.

    On a side note, I have a friend from high school that had been living in central and south America for 15-20 years now. He recently returned because he was basically framed, jailed, and then his parents were extorted for money to get him out of jail.
  7. fl-landscapes

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    Drug cartels arent getting their funds from cancun party goers they are profiting from all of our drug users. "war on drugs" biggest waste of money and failed policy in history!!

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    i'd still like to see our military take out these thugs. Not sure who is capable of more barbarism...... Taliban or Mexican drug cartels. Frankly we should forget Afghanistan and invade Mexico. (Tongue in cheek) Making drugs more freely available to fight mexican cartels seems warped. Interesting how the govt. wants more control over our daily lives, internet use, money, guns, and speech but are encouraging pot use for tax revenue. Nothing like unarmed stoned peasants as citizens to govern.

  9. 1idejim

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    it's not working that way here.
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    A reasonable guest worker visa program would make it a whole lot easier to secure the border.

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