72" mower and engine selection

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by jmoney7269, May 25, 2014.

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    I think the grasshopper be higher on the list then a Ferris they are a turd Way to slow
    I been on a Ferris And Grasshopper the Hopper would eat that Ferris
    I owned a diesel mower once wont buy another one

    Sure had the hp but it doesn't turn the RPM like gas does
    I ran a gas next to a diesel both 72'' gas out cut the diesel in normal cutting conditions Now if I was in foot tall stuff the diesel would but I'm not mowing foot tall stuff every day+ Thing was way to heavy

    I sold it bought another gas 72''
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    Im not the one who said I was going to buy a diesel 72".
    That wouldn't be my pick.

    With a rig that big and heavy, the shock system ferris has really comes into its own ,its nice on the smaller machines and all, but its really made for this application.

    The grasshopper offsets the big heavy, wide deck with the out front design.
    and the draw back of a grasshopper 900 series…is it;s foot print, which a diesel 72" already takes up a lot of space, so if you're buying one in the first place… this isn't a drawback any more.

    The grasshopper doesn't have any better ground speed than the diesel ferris.
  3. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    The Mid mount of Grasshopper VS Ferris I thought you was comparing

    But you suggested those two brands OP didn't say he was buying a Ferris or a Grasshopper

    OP was talking about buying a Gas 72'' unless I was misreading that since he sold his Badgirl Diesel Looking at the B&S motor
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    I've never heard the lifters in any of my Kohler engines rattle, but I've always run Kohler 10W-30 oil of which has an additive to prevent the lifter noise, or at least that is what I was told by Kohler, and I can't argue with their statement for the fact of never hearing the problem.

    I've never heard the Kohler EFI even attempt to sound like it could backfire, whereas the carburetor version of the same engine is just the opposite. The entire fuel delivery system with a closed-loop EFI is so far superior to a carburetored engine, a person needs to have a personal experience to really understand how much difference there truly is.

    When a person owns and operates a closed-loop fuel injected engine, he will never want another carburetor type engine, believe me I know from experience. The Kawasaki I now have is not even close to being in the same league of cranking, shutting down, or responding to load as the Kohler EFI, but then again, with the power the Kawasaki exhibits, I'm not sure it ever experiences a load, if it does you never know from sound or feel.
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    Dealer told me early on to use the 20w-50 in the new kohler 999 cc motors. I go a step further I use full synthetic 20w-50 in mine. I have 2 we bought last season and one is a 72 with the red tech 999 cc motor. Now I have had a few issues it was getting stuck in limp mode almost from day one, turned dealer found 2 loose grounds but in the end it was just a bad modulator. They had an advisory about it but didn't want to accept it at first.

    Then 2 weeks ago she was stuck in limp mode again this time it was a bad actuator. Iv come to depend on that mower the work it can do far exceeds the 2 warranty issues iv had thus far.

    No back fire noises ever it sounds more like a jet engine when shes at full rpm with the blades on. But what can I say the 11.5 mph is so sweet you learn to love the sound.
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    People need to go in and look at the owners manual on this engine, the range of temperature for different viscosity oil is totally different on their chart for this engine than any I've seen. I am running a 999cc Kawasaki and my recommended oil viscosity is straight 30W, there is a great deal of difference in Kohler's chart for their BB in the owners manual. Some of you go in and see if you can figure out how there can be such a big difference, 10W-30 always carried a much wider temperature range than shows on this chart.

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    I would still think a good 10w-40 would dissipate heat better. Same thing with anti freeze, if you use it 100% it don't work as good as 50% . Most of engine wear occurs at startup, I know the smaller kohler efi don't smoke, why would the big one?
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    This smoking comes from the oil control rings not working properly in one of the cylinders or possibly both. When a small amount of oil gets by the oil control ring and into the combustion chamber it will remain on top of the piston and not drain back when the engine is shut down. The next time the engine is started the oil sitting on top of the piston is burned out, this is where the smoke on start-up comes from, and depending on what amount of oil was left on top of the piston will be how bad the smoke appears. It takes very little oil to make what appears as a tremendous amount of smoke.
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    Folks need to be aware of the issue with 10W40 oil. It has a disproportionally high amount of viscosity index improver(VII) additive. The high level of this additive is bad about causing coking(carbon.)

    I don't remember if this weight is found in any of the mower engine oil charts because I never use it, but I wanted to make sure everyone is aware of this issue.
  10. puppypaws

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    Good information, thanks for adding to the conversation...

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