72" Super Z VX4 Discharge

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by puppypaws, Jun 27, 2013.

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    I had a hard time driving and trying to get a clear discharge picture. I was forced to lower the cutting height to discharge enough grass for the camera to make a reasonable picture. You can see where I dropped the cutting height in the photo facing the mower on the right side.

    The fan pattern, as can be seen reasonably well is pretty even across the discharge opening. The pattern is evenly distributed with each blade of grass separated from the ones around it.

    I made a picture of the hour meter because 56 hrs is the longest I've ever run the same blades without sharpening, and the Fusion blades are still cutting extremely well for my needs. This is one pass in grass that was cut Saturday, we are having so much rain the grass must be cut on a 5 to 6 day schedule. You can see in the hour meter photo it rained again while I was mowing.

    This mower will cut so much grass so fast I'm not running nearly the hours I normally run, but while cutting 12 acres every 5 to 6 days I'm cutting more grass than in a normal year.

    This is only an example of why the results we get cutting at fast speeds with the VX4 deck is suitable for our area, while many see difficulties of which I fully understand in other areas.




  2. CurbAppealKS

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    Looks good pup. That's the kind of cut I'm expecting from my mower. Granted, I'm not cutting as nice of grass as you are by any means.
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    Looks really good! Those are the best cut quality pics you have posted IMO. I cant believe you can go that long on blades. I average about 20-25 hours of mowing per week and switch out the blades mid week. I rotate three sets of blades and always have a sharp set ready. The blades are never really dull and only take a couple passes on the blade grinder to get them back in shape.
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  4. puppypaws

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    Before Fusion blades were equipped on Hustler mowers I could get maybe 25 to 30 hrs before needing to sharpen. When the Fusion came into play I would go around 45, and never over 50 on the 66" deck.

    I've remember someone posting on LawnSite they would run 75 hrs before sharpening, and I always thought that was pushing it, but now after watching how these are holding up I really don't know how far they may go, but I will find out.

    There has been no change in cut quality, probably a difference in pictures, it stands to reason the cut quality should not be as good with 56 hrs on the blades.

    I'm wondering if these longer blades aren't making a difference, I've never seen the 66" with Fusions cut that well at 45 hrs, much less 56. You can blow this up and look at the grass, it is still being cut pretty cleanly, whereas with dull blades you will get than ragged look.
  5. Realslowww

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    Hey Puppy, I know you hAVE looked at all the motor charts for power curves, do all these motors pretty much work in the same RPM range to wear you can gear the deck and pump speed the same with pulley size for every motor or should I take the time to gear my pumps and blades for the exact RPM TORQUE dyno curve of the new engine I am getting and try and take the experience a little further.

    Do you think this would add to the way the mower pulls and works?, sorry to disrupt your thread but I have been tinkering with my old 72 and want to get her going better.

    What I was thinking was to take the new motor and set the RPM on it to where it makes it's peak torque and then gear the blades and pumps to that RPM for optimum blade speed and pump pressure?

    I think I am going to be able to make this mower a good bit better than stock. :) I am pleased with what I am seeing.
  6. puppypaws

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    More hp will take care of all your problems, put the 33 Generac on the back and the rest will take care of itself. It will feel like 10 more hp compared to the 30 Kohler.
  7. Realslowww

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    Actually the guy who sells the one with the high compression pistons, bigger carb and cam mod says it makes 50% more torque than my girly Kohler.

    He claims the stoker is 10% less, he told me Generac was toying with EFI.

    How big of a gas pig is your 1000 compared to the old 28 EFI you have? that 28 motor is supposed to be good and my 30 are not supposed to be so good.
  8. puppypaws

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    The efi is 50% better on gas...but the BB is quite a bit more engine.
  9. Realslowww

    Realslowww LawnSite Bronze Member
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    So realistically your EFI 1000 when you get it should only use 20 to 30% more fuel?

    Did the Generac EAT more than the Kaw?
  10. puppypaws

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    Did not run fuel numbers personally, but can give you my friend's name that has been running the Generac for several years, and I feel assured he can give you hard numbers. My thinking was he said the 33 was in the 1.8 range.

    I've gotten numbers from Bobcat where they did their own extensive testing on the Kawi 37 DFI, and was actually told they had seen numbers in the 1.3 gph range. To me this is more difference than I would believe, but cannot argue the fact.

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