72" Super Z VX4 Discharge

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by puppypaws, Jun 27, 2013.

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    Without the triangle filler pieces (which fit horribly and created buildup), the mower left 2 strips of uncut grass. They weren't totally uncut, just not cut at the same height as the rest of the grass.

    The crispness of the cut was NEVER there. It wasn't until I tried VX4 blades on it that it was even coming close to getting acceptable with being table top smooth. Problem is, the 28 EFI Kohler could barely power the mower up a hill under normal mowing conditions with the factory blades. Now with these taking another 5hp to spin, it always became a game to keep RPM's up enough to suck up and cut the grass. Meanwhile, the fuel economy of the 28 EFI was very close to 2 gal/hr.

    I think a little more discharge blade front baffle spacing, a more powerful engine, and trustworthy hydro system, and the XR-7 era machines could be a good combo.
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    That's certainly too bad, and I'm sorry for your troubles. I can sympathize with you there. As you know, I grew up working on a farm and have spent a lot of my adult life around one as well. farmers are the bread and butter of the country, and without them and their crops, everything goes downhill quickly.
    We aren't getting rain like that here, but so far, it's a far cry from the drought we had last year!
    I was actually mowing over a ton of mushrooms growing up in the lawns around here from all the rain we've had lately. My tires look like they are full of dog crap from all the mushrooms stuck in the tread. They start to smell about as bad after a day or two, too.
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    Actually I can see if you are mowing rough stuff where it could be great, it is just that I looked at one and said that mower will not take the rough housing of the good non suspension designs and my research has verified that for sure.

    For where I mow I feel fortunate that the mowing experience here does not need to be that involved.

    I do think they are nice looking mowers however in a feminine sort of way. :laugh:
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    Thanks for the help. What do you think of the new design?

    It's definitely made better than any other Z by far but.........?

    Hustler is coming out with a parker 280 wheel motor kit to fix the old Super drive train. Do that and throw in a 33 Generac and you should be there with the new blades.
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    Overall Hustlers customer service is better than most by far, they just seem to have issues designing a good deck. :laugh:
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    You can go into the thread "Gravely 472 Demo" and see side by side cut pictures of the X-Factor and VX4, and with 61 hrs. on the blades it is hard to believe.
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    If you wont buy a tool for your trade that suits the application best, based on its appearance, then I say you may be a bit feminine yourself. :rolleyes:

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