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Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by rebel2002, Aug 23, 2001.

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    When will the Z or Super Z come out with a 72" deck.... I have a Z and LOVE it. We are going to go Hustler all the way now. We have a 640 Hillside and the 60"Z but I want a 72" in addition. Maybe the new year??
    Also I am in southern VA and go to ROW in Raleigh but is there a dealer in Va?
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    There is a handfull of 72" units out there, they are units we built for shows and dealer demos.
    The full production 72" units are going to be rolling off the line in September sometime.
    Although many of those may be spoken for I dont believe they all are. Call ROWEQ, and find out if any are coming to them.
    As far as having a dealer in Virginia goes, take a look at our dealer locator on our web site, and that should help.
    E-mail me and I can get you some more info if you need it.

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    I'm not sure what "a fairly steep hill" is, but the Hustler Z has proven to be the best Z-rider in the industry for slope handling (many head-to-head demos against the competition have allowed us to stand behind this claim). We have a special test hill here at Hustler called "Hustler Hill". It is a big triangle with a 20-degree slope on one side, 25, and 30 on the other sides. The Hustler Z and Super Z hang on the 30-degree slope very well. After that, I would, of course, reccommend our 6400 Hillsider™ which is six-wheel drive and self leveling and has passed the ANSI tests at 40 degrees.

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