72inch 31 hp .Keeps shredding mule belts

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Floridalandcare, Jan 28, 2007.

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    My 72 keeps shredding mule belts.Its shred 3 sets in as many weeks . Any one who has had to change them knows this is a pain in the butt,not to mention about $70.00 a set starts to add up.Mechanic said it may need a new Jack-Shaft, he has not looked at the mower because its been working everyday. Anyone with similar problems? Any info? Thanks Chris
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    The first thing to check is the mule drive belt tension adjustment. Make sure the center of the bolt head in the center of the spring loaded pulley, on the left side engine deck support, is positioned between the centers of the two alignment hole in the left support plate. It is necessary to adjust the belt tension when the center of the bolt head is at or below the center of the bottom alignment hole.
    When an adjustment is necessary, loosen the idler pulley on the right hand side so it can move up and down in the slot. You will need to tighten the slotted pulley down once the bolt head is between the alignment holes. If the belt is not being seated properly, that would explain the shredding issue. There is a diagram in your Operators manual to help give you a visual of this adjustment.
    Also note that when installing a new belt, it is necessary to reposition the right adjustment pulley upward in the slot in order to position the center of the spring loaded pulley between the alignment holes.

    Christie Moore
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