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I am looking for interior parts for a 1987 SILVERADO. Two years ago I finished restoring a 1987 V-10 pickup which started off as a CUSTOM DELUXE. I chose the Custom Deluxe due to the rust and accident free body and the fact that it was well taken care of. $14K later I am almost finished! However I need the upgraded trim; headliner, door panels, trim etc. I already bought the dash trim and bezels. I need the rest of these parts in the CHARCOAL trim color. I live in the NY area so if there is anyone near here with a parts truck or such please let me know. I also have a nice painted rear step bumper and NOS radiator support panel for the 4 headlight system for sale or trade.<br>Thanks in advance. John


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LMC truck has tons of great stuff, but most of the interior pannels come unpainted, so you have to paint them to match anyway, and they are pretty spendy, so it might be a better idea if you have access to a junk yard to buy some old ones and paint them to match, it'll save you a buck or two. Good luck.

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