'73 Dodge 1ton flatbed...too old???

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Mykster, Sep 27, 2002.

  1. Mykster

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    I was going through the Big Truck & Equipment Trader and found a '73 Dodge 1ton flatbed w/a 360 4 speed and L300. It has 130k miles. I haven't called on it yet but the ad says it runs good and must sell. All of this for $900. I'm sure it would get better MPG than my Dodge and possibly pull my trailer better with it. I would like to put a dump on it. For $900 it's really got me interested. If it's a must sell deal I'm thinking I could offer $750.

    My question is would anyone bother with a truck this old?
  2. Randy J

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    I always liked that body style, and would be interested in the truck. But don't be too sure it will get better fuel milage. The old 360 is a gas hog! Should do a decent job of pulling your trailer though.
  3. Gravel Rat

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    Myself I try stay away from older trucks older trucks its usually not worth bothering with them especially if your going to use them for business. There is a reason why they are asking 900 bucks its gotta be a POS or nobody wants the old stuff you may end up buying and spending a grand into get making it road legal.

    The biggest problem with these old trucks is brakes they have small brakes compared to the newer stuff and I doubt you will get better fuel mileage.

    Last thing I myself would never buy a Dodge :blob1:
  4. I wouldnt expect too much from a truck at that price.(As gravel rat said POS, but maybe a loveable old POS.)
    I'm guessing you are your own mechanic. If not could be expensive keeping an old truck running.
    If you dont put a lot of miles on a truck you can probably do ok with something that old but I would have a good back up plan, like a second truck.
    If you use it lots of miles I'd figure extra $ to restore before using for business.
    I have a 360 auto, not that great of mileage, about 12 all city.
    On my main truck went from 460-4-auto to 302-2-4speed and didnt save on gas, that 302 has to work too hard.
  5. Mowingman

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    If it is in good shape, I would buy it. I have used several old trucks in my business and find they are much cheaper to repair than today's hi-tech vehicles. When you can do a complete tune-up in your driveway with just points, plugs, and a condenser, you can really save some money. I really like the old stuff that is easy to work on. Just be sure the old Dodge has a good engine and trans. and you can't go wrong.
  6. scott's turf

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    I agree that it can be much much cheaper than buying new but plan on spending at least $2k/year in repairs. That is what I have been averaging over the last 3 years with my F250 diesel. I do 90% of the repairs myself with the exception of the rebuilt transmission that was done last year. I hope to get another year out of it before making the F350 diesel dive into debt. If we could just somehow put a mowing deck under that truck! :D

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