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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Herrick, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. Herrick

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    Getting ready to upgrade... Been looking at the 757 and the new z820a with the 60" deck... dealer suggested that he had a 07 54" 737 that I may be able to get a deal on.

    Anyone able to compare the 737 with the 757? I'm a little concerned that the 737 may be a little underpowered with the 23hp. Also was really wanting the 60" deck, anyone think I'll have a big issue with the 54" instead?

    As of now I'm only looking at deere because I've already got the credit there, and I really like my dealer. Not really interested in any other brands.

  2. POPO4995

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    I have a 737 54" and absolutely love it. I'm ordering a new Z820A 54" this coming week, however, keeping my 737. I've never ran into a issue with the 23hp motor. I've hauled azz through 1' tall grass and it never boggs down. The 54" deck is the best of both worlds; big enough to make some time with but small enough to fit in tight areas. And the best thing is the cut quality. You quality of cut goes down the bigger you get. I would advise you to save a few grand and take the 737. You will love it. :waving:

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