75 yard mulch job-How to spread?


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I have a commercial property I won the bid for and now have the biggest mulch I have ever done. I was originally planning on having 75 yards delivered to the property. I have two trucks, one has a dump bed that makes moving mulch much easier. I am planning on having a skid steer on site to fill up the dump truck and have two guys spread from that throughout the site. While the other two guys are spreading from the truck, another guy will spread mulch from the skid steer.

I am wondering if a garden tractor with a dump trailer would be helpful for this site or a waste of time and money? The beds are mostly small and spread out.

I got a quote for having the mulch blown in and that is an option.

I'm thinking 4 men can do this within two days. The prep work such as edging, weeding, leaf removal will be done before so all we have to do is spread.

Any advice?


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I think what jim is saying, why not have the mulch delivered in different spots throughout the property? Instead of having one giant 75yd pile of mulch.
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Think you really have 2 options, have the delivery guy dump it in a few different spots or just have it blown in. Seems kinda tedious to have it dropped off then load it again and unload it from the truck.


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If you can find a guy who can blow it in then do it. My guy charges about 50 a yard for the mulch and to blow it. I charge 80 a yard. Pretty good profit for doing next to nothing.