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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Four_Seasons, Feb 3, 2012.

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    Hey Guys,
    I was looking in to the older (2000-2010) John Deere and Toro lineup, and found two great mowers for around the same price range. (The 3-4 range) Anyway, I have only heard mostly good things about the 757, and how strong the kawasaki on it is. The Zmaster I was looking at has a 28Hp Kohler, and the 757 has the 25Hp Kawi. Was wondering the difference on that. The 757 is very nice, but needs a little work like the wheel caps, and then general stuff like oil and blades which will be replaced on both regardless. On the other hand, the Toro looks brand new (Or Repainted) and looks to run well also. I have heard mixed things on the power aspect of the Zmasters, or the older ones for that matter. I also was wondering on the difference in cut between the 7 Iron or the TurboForce decks and reliability. Anyways just wanted to hear some opinions before I buy to get started this season!


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    The year would really help on the 757. Does it have a roll bar or canister type filter? If it does, it's at least a late 2005 or newer machine if I remember correctly. If it has a 7 Iron II deck on it, it's going to be better than the TurboForce. Regular 7 Irons have a slower blade tip speed 16,000 compared to 18,000 on 7 Iron II and Pro. They still do a pretty awesome job though. The 25HP Kawasaki is indeed a strong one. For some reason at only 25 HP that thing would power through a lot of heavy stuff. The only downside is having to clean it a lot because it's a horizontal engine. I enjoyed mine while I had it. Traded it in at 1600 hours for a 2011 925A.

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