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    I have a used 76" rear discharge deck on approval from the dealer for my John Deere F935. The price is right [$289 after I give the dealer a flail deck I never use] but it doesn't cut as well as my current 72" side discharge. I'm playing with adjustments, leveling, etc. and could use some advice on getting the best cut possible. I'm thinking of buying this deck as a backup/alternative to my current one and as a way to get a more useful piece of equipment than the flail that was included with the mower but isn't used. Also I'm thinking about trading or selling soon to get an Exmark/Toro. Will the extra deck net me that much more at trade in time?
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    I used to have a F935 with a 60" side discharge. It had to be the worst cutting lawnmower on the market. The biggest waste of $14,200 that I will ever spend. The 22hp yanmar was a great engine. It was JUST adequate for 60" hate to see it do 72 or 76" !! If they just got more blade tip speed it would have been fine. Just didn't suck up the grass. A lot of customer complaints let to my purchase of a 97 Dixie. What a difference! The full size F-series has been almost unchanged since the '80's. Great design then. The new wing mower JD looks great for schools and parks.

    Good luck Mr. Ziffel on that 76". It too has been around for awhile. Rear discharge only works when it has just 2 counter-rotating, interweaving (Walker design) blades. How they baffle it with 3 blades just doesn't make sense.

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    Tommy, thanks for the response. I tried again this afternoon and got a really crummy cut--two windrows, but I guess they came out the rear as advertised. I think I'll save my $289 and keep the flail deck at least until I sell or trade the mower. Any suggestions on where I can find a reasonable trade-in price or sales price I can expect for my 935? Thanks again. By the way, I have a 72" rear discharge Woods grooming mower which I pull behind my Massey Ferguson tractor and it really disperses the clippings the width of the deck and leaves a nice finished cut, for my pastures.
    Eric, well the 935 has worked for me for the past two years but I need to increase the quality of my cut and I guess you're right--the JD won't do it.
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    Isn't that strange, that a company as prominent as JD hasn't done anything to improve the deck design/quality of cut on those mowers? The 935 was my "dream machine" for a long time years ago until I saw what kind of cut it produced.

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