7x14 Open Landscape Trailer Hvy Duty $2000


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S.E. Ma.
Ok I need an enclosed 8.5 x 18' minimum ....so I am getting rid of one of my open trailers.......I had some custom ramps made so you can load a skid steer (or a tank) etc....the original full width landscape gate is included (they swap very easily)....this is not a cheap trailer its built very very well has 2yr old oak decking....tires are in great condition...needs some marker lights which I may do anyway, the brakes are not functional so best to assume a rebuild if you want them (I never bothered with them)... its a "98" model year...Wright is the manufacturer and the gvwr was downgraded to 7k to be able to tow it legally and remain under 26k.....thats it, any questions just ask....cant upload from Iphone I have no idea y....so if interested I will send the pics to an email or whatever till i figure it out