7X16 Enclosed Trailer

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    I agree with going wider than 7. I have a 7 X 14 and it is tight in there width wise when I have my bagger on, and my deck is only 48 inches wide. Next trailer for me will definitely be 8 feet wide.
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    That's what she said.
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    We ran a 8x16 enclosed for years behind pickup trucks and Mitsubishi Fusos. They tow great through our small town. We do very little highway towing, so aerodynamics of the v-nose isn't a huge factor for us. The width gives us plenty of space for grass catchers on 60" decks. In addition, we keep our fuel cans nestled on the tongue where they can be easily reached.

    This past year we upgraded to a 8.5 x 20 for another crew. It can be a little overwhelming when towed behind a pickup truck, so we also keep it behind a Mits Fuso and it tows nicely. The extra space is great for stashing extra equipment especially during spring and fall seasons when you are providing extra services.

    I definitely recommend ordering a trailer with an extra 6" or so of height, especially if you are storing z-turns.

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