7x16 vs 8.5x20 Enclosed Trailer

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by OCPS, Oct 30, 2017.

  1. OCPS

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    I'm trying to decide what enclosed trailer to go with the the upcoming season. I would really like to go with the 8.5x20 because it would fit everything that I have In it, and be a "mobile workshop", so to speak. I am worried that it would be hard to get around in some of the downtown and smaller residential jobs that I have though. On the other end the 7x16 would be easy to get around, but would it be too crammed with 2 Zero turns (61" and a 48" currently), and all of the racks inside?

    Also if anyone has pics of their 7x16 enclosed with a 61" and racks it would be great to see!
  2. brycez28

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    I don't have an enclosed trailer, but I do have a 7'x14' tandem utility trailer and a 8'x20' deck over dump trailer with removable sides. I don't even use my 7'x14' trailer anymore, unless if the dump is tied up at a job.

    8.5'x16' might be a good compromise for you to consider.
  3. Regal Landscapes

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    I have a 7x14, I cant help you much on length but if you plan to put racks on the walls you need an 8 or 8.5 ft wide trailer to give you enough room to move around.

    Ours is tight on width with just the mowers alone.
  4. FromUndaChz

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    You'll wish it was bigger no matter how big it is. I get a 24' through cities and narrow winding back roads. Now we're looking for a 28' and I'm sure I'll wish it were bigger. I doubt the 20' will be an issue for you after a couple weeks of getting used to her.
  5. OCPS

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    Well it sounds like the 8.5x20 trailer will be the way to go, based on everyone's opinions.
  6. Shayne Anderson

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    I started a new business this spring as well bought a trailer to start with to hold all tools i may need on any given day. My initial thought was to be able to load 2 jd zero turns (one with 3bag bagger system) end to end, as well stand hand tools leaning against front wall. I decided on a 8x20 , 1.5' for tools standing up at front, yard trailer backed in next, then drive in zero turn with bagger over top of trailer tongue, and then lastly drive in 2nd zero turn and run foot platform up under bags of bagger system, and voila, a full 20 ft trailer. Also I went for a 8 ft wide trailer instead of 8.5 ft, as the ramp is same width and distance between inner fenders is the same, as well the 8 ft wide one is easier to manuver in towns and parking lots. I also installed xtreme trimmer and hedge trimmer racks on either side at the back with roon to exit between racks and mowers. Only my 2 cents. SA
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  7. wakes235

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    Having trouble finding 8' wide enclosed trailers. Who makes yours?
  8. heckman

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    I just bought my second enclosed trailer back in June. Both are 8.5x20 Homesteader w the Vnose. I priced a 16ft for the second trailer to be more maneuverable but it was only $350 less than the 20 footer so I opted for the extra room. I can fit 3 60in mowers in each one or 2 mowers + an aerator or whatever I need. I can even fit 3 mowers with one having the quick dump vacuum system attached to one Ztr.
    I don't have issues getting around town or doing residentials. I recommend the bigger trailer. 8.5ft wide is a must for me, I have trimmer rack, blowers hung up and metal shelving attached to the sides and still have room to wiggle around. I cant imagine putting up any racks inside on a 7ft wide enclose.
  9. OCPS

    OCPS LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for the input! I actually ended up going with a Ford LCF box truck. It is a 16' box, and has a 92" interior width. Not quite as big as I would have liked, but I got a pretty good deal on it.
  10. CGros31

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    I have an 8.5 x 20. I would definitely recommend that. It's not bad for getting around once you get used to it.
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