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  1. Triple G Lawn and Snow

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    Hey guys, I am going to go look at an 01 or 02 (can't remember) chevy 2500HD, this truck has the 8.1 in it and has about 100,000 on it.

    Just wondering if there is anything specfic to look for or ask about. Aside from the mainfold bolts tend to rot out and the oil comsumption that I have heard about these motors.

    Guy wants $10,000 for the truck but i don't konw of the condition as he didn't put any pics on craigslist
  2. 360ci

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    Well, keep in mind that the 8.1L is generally in high demand, and it's a rare engine now so the value is higher than something with a 6.0L V8, even though the 8.1 gets worse mileage.

    I'd take a look at it. If it's rusted, or you think it might have problems getting certified I'd walk away. Be sure if it looks the part, be sure that it drives the part and the 4x4 system works flawlessly along with all the interior electronics, etc.

    As for some more common, or known problems, I wouldn't let those concern you, I'd make sure the carfax report checks out, write down the VIN and phone a local GM dealer to make sure all recalls and technical service bulletins are up to date.
  3. topsites

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    You can check blue book on light trucks, a 3/4 ton qualifies as such.
  4. 360ci

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    Soon they'll be rated by the EPA as well :) Finally.

    STIHL GUY LawnSite Fanatic
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    i would check kbb.com or nada.com for pricing
  6. -Dalton-

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    check out gmfullsize. best forum for gm pickups
  7. White Gardens

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    I've got an 8.1 in my 2001 3500 HD and love it. Plenty of power.

    I got the truck this last spring with 25k on the odometer. But, the truck is 10 years old and was ISU's primary plow/salt truck, so it's been well used.

    The only thing motor wise I've replaced so far was the oil-cooler lines going to the radiator. One broke and dropped out half the oil. Luckily I caught it before I did any damage. So take a look at the fittings at the radiator, or look for leaks in the front. When I first say it I thought it was the steering box.

    The Cam Sensor and Crank Sensor is known to go out on these motors too. You'll know when that happens when it either starts running bad, or it won't start.

    Otherwise I feel the oil consumption so far is negligible compared to some of the other vehicles I've driven in the past, and at the first 3k oil change, the oil looked great and still had a good color to it. Reminds me very much of my 4.3 in my S-10, some oil consumption, but good on not scorching the oil.
  8. rcslawncare

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    I have an 03 8.1 and it has 152k on it. No problems, uses a little oil, a little Lucas will help that and it has manifold leaks, but it gets the same as my friends 6.0 and will out tow it all day. Good engine and you get the allison behind it, so its a great combo.
  9. ZTR_Diesel

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    Good to see some other central Illinois input on this topic!

    Worked with a camp in Wisconsin that has a 2007 with the 8.1 (last year of old body style & 8.1L option.) He rarely passes a gas pump without filling up, but as a plow truck and workhorse, it's a great choice - especially with the Allison tranny in there.
  10. White Gardens

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    I talked to my Mechanic and he states that the 8.1 had problems with burning up pistons.

    He is a big rig, medium duty mechanic so he always has continued education on all sorts of motors.

    He thinks that the 8.1s with problems were out of California with emission restrictions that changed the dynamics of the motor.

    I asked him about chip-tuning also and he said to steer clear because he thinks the tuning is what hurt those motors.

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