8-8-8 fertilizer question

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by Stonewall, May 4, 2001.

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    Hey Runner did you go to State?
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    No, I'm a U of M man, but I was taught well by someone who did.:) I'll tell ya, I sometimes DO wish I had a degree in Agronomy!
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    I just get the 19-19-19 from the local feed supply, it is 'Andersons' brand. It gets the job done and my lawn doesn't even taste that salty.:D
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    I use lesco pre-m in feb weed an feed with momentume in april 25-4-11 in may. 5-10-31 with iron in june starter in oct an winterizer in late nov.Lesco has the best i've seen ,but guess that is a matter of opion but looks sells the customer!
  5. You could get the same 8% N by applying 32-5-7 with 50% coated urea
    at a 1/4 lb of N rate or 50lbs for every 64,000 square feet.

    Plus it will cost you 70% less to get the same amount of N. Plus you will handle 75% less material. One ton of 8-8-8 = 500lbs of 32-5-7.

    Just apply some starter fertilizer at the end of the season to make up for the P and the K.
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    Stone is exactly right, always buy premium grade high analysis fertilizer and cut the rate accordingly. 8-8-8, 10-10-10, 12-12-12, 5-10-15 are only half blends, half fertilizer and half ground rock or what we call filler. Unless you're paying half the price, you're not getting your moneys worth. On the other hand premium grade high analysis fertilizer includes most of the minor elements in the proper proportions that a healthy lawn needs, and doesn't cost much more than the powdered rock ya'll been using.. Then take into account that you won't have to handle nearly as much product. Before spreading fertilizer or lime you really need to take soil samples so you know exactly what the grass needs, you can't tell by looking at it.:blob3:
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    So what dose everyone put down in a application? 1/4, 1/2, 1lb of N per 1000sf?
    I have to wonder how many people just spread it and don't really know?
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    I put 3/4 lb/1000sf. Total annual is 6lb of N/1000sf
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    Are you Les Miles from LSU in disguise? #lol. He is known for tasting the turf.
  10. Depends on the turf. Here for st Augustine, you can go 1lb per k. Zoysia on the other hand should get half that.
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