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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LawnInOrder, Jan 11, 2007.

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    well here is the deal. I went to the dentist for a check up. My dentist and I ended up talking about landscpaing and said he needed a new landscaper and low and behold i told him i was. He said he would let me know if he needed an estiamte. I ended up having to have a tooth filled so i went today to have this done. He asked me for an estimate so i will be goign over some time within the next couple of days. I usually wouldn;t do a house 30 minutes away becasue there is plenty of work to do within 5 minutes from me. But he told me that he lives in a court with 8 houses total about 1/4 an acre each including the house and garage. He said that i would be doing all 8 houses. He told me that there are little amount of trees so therefore leaf clean-up isn;t that much. He told me that just for lawn maintence (leaf clean-up, mulch, hedge trimmig, lawn mowing) without snow removal, they pay about $18,000 a year for the 8 houses. Just in my mind i think that i would make some Money. They sign a contract and everythign is in there. They send out a check once a month or every 2 weeks depending on what i agree on. Snow plowing is a different contract so that would me more money. Here is my question. Should i even get involved? you think it more then i coulds handle with myself and another person. And on teh average how much do you charge for an average 1/4 lot with normal trimming and blowing. Let me know if i am going to regret doign it. I still have to give an estimate so i dunno if the other landscapers pricing was right. Thanks lawnInOrder
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    Jump on that one. Being that he is a Dentist, it is probably a nice CLEAN place. But, don't let him set the price. How are you sure it was only 18k? If he'll show you the old contract, that would be proof enough. Also, another thing to consider would be what happened to the other lco. Did he quit or get fired? If they quit, it might be a good idea to try and contact them to see why it wasn't beneficial for them. If it's only 2 or 3 acres, you can easily do it by yourself.
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    That comes out to approx. 187.50 per house per month. I guess as long as you knew your time and cost involved it might be ok. Do the research though, I would hate to jump on that and find out it takes you longer then anticipated thus costing you more to do and shrinking your profits.
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    The houses are HIGH END RESIEDNTAL. He lives in a really wealthy area. The dentist doesn;t liek teh current work from the current lansdscaper. He said the LCO cuts corners. He said he would show me the contract from last year so it would show me what tehy wnat done. He isnt gunna set the price, but that was last years figure. I am sure it gunna be alittle more than 18 thousand. LawnInOrder
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    Well i mean it only for lawn mowing, not snow removal which is extra. But i do agree i need to see the property and see if it is worth my time and if i can make some serious cash. So bacially i will get about $180 a house even in the months i don';t do work, so i dunno. If you calacuted the amount of money i would get in the 26-30 weeks a cut the amount per house goes up. I will still have to go and look at the place and then i will have a better idea on what to bid.
    so my next question is: How much does on charge a momnth for an average 1/4 acre including teh house, patio, garage etc.

    Thanks LawnInOrder
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    how much $ in mulch is the question?
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    honeslty i don;t know. He told me that the current LCO needed 3 loads from and f-350 dump bed to do all 8 houses and for 18,000 it would be done once. He told me that they want it done like 3 times a year. Basically told me whatevera needs to be doen to make therre porperties stand out. The LCO also did core areation which was extra. How much miclh does an f-350 dump carry? LawnInOrder
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    Well, assuming 26 cuts(not sure how many weeks you get up there), it comes to roughly 86 bucks per week per home. So, that may be some pretty good money there, depending on the work involved and size of the properties...

    One question though. Is this dentist the one in charge of the(apparent) HOA? If not, find out who is, and talk with them. Don't do the "he said, she said" bs. Find out who will SIGN THE CONTRACT and speak with them.

    Ooh, I just saw, there's mulching involved as well? Be sure you know what that's going to cost you...
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    it sorta funny u asked, becasue he told me he is in charge. he collects the moeny from the houses and writes out the check. Thats why he knew the figures.
    As far as mulching i will see eexactly what needs to be mulched and what not but he said rougly 3 loads from an f-350 dump truckl was needed for the houses. How much woudl you charge for a typical 1/4 acre prop? LawnInOrder
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    I would do it!

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