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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by common stock, Jan 19, 2003.

  1. common stock

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    I'm in the market for a zero turn mower and have been reading as much as possible at this site the past week. Thanks to all of you who have assisted me in learning about them as quickly as I have. What a resource !!!
    I have 6 pretty smooth and 2 pretty bumpy, rolling acres to cut. I would like to cut them quickly with a durable mower with as little maintance as possible. I have about 35 trees to cut around along with the house and a couple out buildings. I'm leaning towards either an Exmark 52 Lazer Z HP with 23 Kaw or Kohler or Exmark 60 Lazer Z with 27 Kohler. I have about 4 acres that are currently overgrown .
    Any advice on mowers ?
    Any reccomendations on Exmark dealers in the Indianapolis area?

    I dont have access to a trailer. Will dealers pick up and deliver for repairs ?

    Will I be able to cut the overgrown area down with my new mower or should I have it bush hogged ? Thank you in advance for your help.
  2. Catcher

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    I'd at least demo another brand before shelling out the dow.

    Brush hogging the overgrown area will work, what are you mowing with now? If it's something old and beat up, I'd just put that to use.

    Any dealer I talked to here will deliver your mower, pick it up and return it for repairs/ service AND will bring you a 'loaner' to mow with if he thinks he can't get the unit fixed fast.
    This, I would make sure of. I mean - what good does a warranty do you if you still can't get your grass cut while it's being fixed?

    There's a guy a few countryblocks down the road from who's got the best deal:
    He mows the perimeter, fences and around trees with a little rider. There's a farmer nearby who'll cut the rest for the hay.
  3. The Mowerdude

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    I agree with Catcher in that, I wouldn't use my new Exmark to do anything other than what a finish mower is designed to do. You should only want to use it to manicure the nicest parts of your yards.

    That's not to say it won't do bush hog duty. It will. It's just that you'll pay for it by not getting the service life that the mower is designed to deliver. And it kinda sneaks up on you. For those of us who do this for a living, if we start bush hogging with it, the first season and everything's ok. But then trouble starts the 2nd or third and we were expecting to get 5-8 years out of our investment. I'd definately look for some other way to take care of the rough stuff.

    BTW, the Exmark is a SUPERB machine and will serve you very well in your application. However, if the dealer doesn't offer to pick-up or deliver, I'd look for another dealer.

    The loaner thing is a little different. Usually, the loaners are offered to the professional LCO that is under pressure to finish his customer's yards and is losing money every minute his ailing mower sits. Obviously, these guys are going to get first preference receiving loaners, and that's the way it should be. They're the guys that are also buying multiple mowers and it makes good sense for a dealer to help out in those instances. However, with a homeowner, if he breaks a mower, he's usually not under the gun to get his lawn mowed like yesterday. In your case, I can't even see the Exmark giving you any trouble at all for years unless you really abuse it. Most LCOs will run that Exmark in one month more than you will all season.
  4. common stock

    common stock LawnSite Member
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    Thank you both for your help. I have been cutting with a 48 inch craftsman and a 8n with a bush hog, but the 8n died this past year so I just have the craftsman left. I may just hire someone to bushhog the 3 acres that need it before I cut it this spring with the new mower. Will the 60 inch mower be worth the extra quickness vs. a 52 inch that will be easier to cut around the house/trees ? thank you
  5. Russ

    Russ LawnSite Senior Member
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    Give me a call at 352-0288. Maybe I can help. Russ
  6. The Mowerdude

    The Mowerdude LawnSite Senior Member
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    I really think only you can answer that for yourself. How much is your time worth. However, I will say this. The 52 will probably give a better cut IF you have a yard with a number of dips and humps in it. The 52 will conform better to irregularities such as that.

    HOWARD JONES LawnSite Member
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    I agree totally with Mowerdude - I have a 62-inch but sometimes wish I had the 52. It would be best if you could demo the unit after getting the overgrown stuff knocked down - the roughness will determine your mowing speed.
  8. bob

    bob LawnSite Platinum Member
    from DE
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    I'd have to say, get a 60-62 inch cut. I guarantee that if you get a 52"er, after a few cuts, you'll be wishing that you'd gotten the 60+"er.
  9. Sam-Ohio

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    The Exmarks that you are considering are excellent LAWN mowing machines, and do a great job of maintaining fine turf - and are as highly regarded by the pro cutters as anything in the market today. There - I said that in the hope that you all don't take this and get all inflamed on me for recomending that you take one big long hard look at a Scag Turf Tiger before you get committed to an Exmark on this property.

    I'm only saying this because the description of your property as being in part so rough, and that its become so overgrown that a bushhog needs to be brought in to tame it.- In all it sounds pretty bad, and the roughness and bumps are not going to be fixed by the bushhog, you and your mower are going to have to survive years and years of this rough ground.

    Just for giggles - at least go to a Scag dealer [may be same dealer that sells Exmark- like it is here] and see how the Scag Tiger is built.

    Scag - double,double boxed tube frame-much stronger than Exmarks single tube frame.
    Scags front wheel spindle arms are heavier -yet easily removeable to fix or replace - Exmark is lightly made and is yet neither removable or repairable. Scags front wheels have Timken tapered bearings- Exmark have much lighter ball bearings

    Scags mower deck weldment is up to 1/2inch thick in layers of steel in the top of the deck, Exmarks deck while quit well built is not as heavily constructed.

    The most telling thing about the two is that the Exmark is just over 1000 pounds and the Scag is about 1300 pounds - This is a stunning difference and certainly points out the wide difference in strength of construction.

    The Exmarks mower spindles are aluminum with sealed Ball bearings - the Scag has cast steel housings with more Timken tapered bearings. The Scag spindles are much stronger and will not be ruined or broken by hitting the ground or sticks and stones like the Exmark spindles are subject to do.

    The Scag uses a drive shaft to power the mower deck - [like a bushog mower is driven] they never break and the universal joints in the shaft allow it to move up and down with the deck and not bind.The Exmark twists a vee belt around idler pulleys in the back [like a lawn tractor] and this belt is the drive to the deck. The belt has to be pulled out of alignment with the deck pulley- it can't stay aligned through its full travel up and down.This uses power and wears the belt out. The Exmark drive belt to the mower will not give nearly the reliability or the low cost that the Scag drive shaft will give you in your rough mowing.

    I've only really hit on a few of the high spots- so you need to really GO LOOK ! See it yourself ! The Scag will hold up far better on your rough ground and your tall grass and weeds.

  10. Farmboy

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    Just because it is heavier in weight does not mean that it is a stronger machine!

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