8 guage wire stripper?

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by Lite4, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. Lite4

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    Anybody out there have a good wire stripper for 8 guage that won't cut wires? I have a great stripper for 10 and under, but I am always left to use my cable cutter to delicately cut the outside shielding. I am just looking for something faster.
  2. bmwsmity

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    I use an "auto stripper" that simultaneously cuts & strips the wire that does go down to 8ga. However, you can't go very fast with it or it will cut into the wire.

    I can't remember the brand (sorry), but it has blue handles and I got it at Home Depot. DO NOT get the GB auto stripper with red handles...it isn't built as beefy and will quickly bind up and stop working....mine lasted about 2 months.

    Hope this helps some. I know my regular Klein strippers only go down to 10ga.
  3. Lite4

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    I use the blue handled ones now, but they always cut the wire on the 8. There has got to be something better out there.
  4. JoeyD

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  5. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    These Irwin Tools automatic wire strippers are the best I have ever used. They pretty much NEVER cut a strand and are fast fast fast. I usually go through two per year per installer but at about $18 each that is no big deal. The time and hassle they save is remarkable.


    Not sure how they will handle 8 ga. wire mind you.... When ever I need to use 8 ga I just double up two 12 ga runs. It is much cheaper per foot to do so (more convenient too as you dont have to stock two different wire sizes) and actually gives you something closer to 6 ga specs. Just be careful to match up your cables so as to not create a short.
  6. Lite4

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    Joey, Im sure your dentist will love you for that.

    James, Great tip on the multiple wires. don't ask me why I never thought of that. Old habits are hard to break I guess.
  7. JoeyD

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  8. olyman

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    go talk to your friendly lineman---they have tools that "screw" onto diff wire sizes---and when it bottoms out--it cuts around the sheating--then you pull it off--slick---
  9. Chris J

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    Now why didn't I think of that. Good idea, thanks!
  10. David Gretzmier

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    James, that's frigging brilliant. I never thought of that. labeling would be important.

    I think klein makes a pair of strippers just for 8 guage standed and it will also work on 10 guage solid. It looks like a small cable cutter but it leaves the wire intact.

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