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  1. nitrotim

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    I recently bought a 3 year old 8 hp snapper off one of my customers who only used it one season before his knees went out and I started cutting for him. The mower is like new. I bought cheap (400) to resell. I got it home and drained the stale gas out of it. emptied the bowl and blew out the carb. I put fresh gas in it and got it to fire up and run. Today I tried to run it and after about five minutes it cut out on me and would not refire. If I put the choke on it start and run for about 4 seconds and then die. is this just still some remnantts of the stale gas causing this or something else.
  2. Restrorob

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    If you only blew the carb. out with air it probly didn't get it clean,I would suggest going back through the carb. and spray all the little ports out with carb. choke cleaner then reblow it out and try again. Replace the fuel filter and spark plug.
  3. topsites

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    Also it may be helpful to:
    1 - Shut off fuel.
    2 - Loosen (do NOT remove) the fuel-bowl nut/bolt and let whatever fuel drain out, then re-tighten.
    3 - Turn fuel back on.
  4. dutch1

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    If you choke it and it starts and runs a short time, you still have a carb blockage. Soak carb in a good carb cleaner for a short time then check all ports/jets.
  5. Redneckn

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    or you could just replace the carb and be done with it.
    depending on price.

    sometimes it really is cheaper to clean it. but on some of the smaller ones its cheaper to replace it.
  6. txlawnking

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    Remove the carb, COMPLETELY disassemble it ( pay attention to what comes out, and how it came out ) soak the major components in Chem-Dip for at least an hr or two, and reassemble with a fresh kit, instal a fresh plug, and you ought to be all good.

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