80-100hp 2wd tractor's

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by AB Lawn Care, Nov 15, 2000.

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    I know for a fact that Kubota parts are expensive for me if I had to buy parts. I don't know about the rest of the country. It's probably because there is only one dealer in a 60 mile radius. John Deere has been around forever and I actually think know that you should get a John Deere. I think John Deere is better known in the large tractor category. Kubota I think makes a better compact tractor, just my opinion. Happy hunting.:)
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    Actually my father and I have thought about the bidirectional tractors for snow for years,and I have run several.The older ones are red and yellow and were made by Versitle,the seat swivels inside the cab so the tractor can be driven from either position,this means the machine will travel just as fast in reverse as it does forward.It is interesting because many of the tractors made in Europe like my Agco (which is actually made by Sami Lambroghini Hurley) have the option to be ordered with a permanent rearward facing drivers station. My problem is that when not being used for snow I have very little use for the tractor,the loader is a farm loader and not nearly as productive as my 2TLB or my 3yd RTL.

    I find it interesting that often people complain about the cost of parts for certain brands like Cat and John Deere.I have found that they are no more expensive than any other brands and often the parts come quicker.Buying used equipment often comes down to a particular group of machinery that you have found.You could spend months going over every used tractor out there, but the fact is if you find one that fits your criteria and priced well then once it is checked by a qualified nonpartial party it can be bought.Most Cat dealers will check out a machine that is privatly for sale in another part of the country for a fee they then provide you with a report. When we buy equipment it usually comes down to a gut feeling sitting on the machine and working it,listening ,looking and operating.


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