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$800 for this cleanup


LawnSite Member
hampton bays, ny
Was asked to do a customers neighbors home today for $800. I will post pictures of the job later today.

Its around 1/3 acre very little leaves maybe a couple tarps full.

the house was bought last year and the yard has a pile of appliances which i will put into a dump container which the owner is paying for and having delivered to the home.

Also there are some weeds and little branches along the back of the property i have to clean up and pull out. Its lightly dense along the back 40x20 of the property.

I think this is a very good price and was shocked that he said this is reasonable. Then again ive never had to pull out any kind of vines, brush, ect.

Should i definitly pull them all out by the roots as to just cut them theyll grow right back correct. if i was paying $800 id want near perfection.

Evertying is going in the 30 foot container leaves branches appliainces.

If i can make $100 hour i will be very satisfied.

pictures will be posted this afternoon.


LawnSite Senior Member
sounds like a deal to me.

if they aren't worried about the roots being left, after you cut the vines and brush spray it with round-up and it won't come back.


LawnSite Silver Member
Vines always seem to come back no matter what you do to them. The trick is for someone to keep the property nice AFTER the clean-up or the vines and everything else will come back. Just do your best and by your description you should be able to finish in a day. Sounds like you got a good job going there.