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'81 stepside lift


LawnSite Member
fairmont. wv
I was wondering if a 4" suspension lift would be enough to run 35x12.5 15's on a 1/2 ton stepside. I don't plan on doing any major rockclimbing or anything and don't want to have to cut the fenders if not neccessary. I also don't want the tires to rub on the frame. I have seen a lot of kits around but want to do it right and was wondering if i will need a dropped pitman or steering add on, as well as any other "extras" I might need with the kits. I want new springs on both sides. Thanks


LawnSite Senior Member
I have a friend who had that exact setup. It was an 87. His tires hit the fenders just a tiny bit when he had them cranked over and went over bumps. He trimmed them just a bit (the fenders) and it worked fine. You need steering correction of some type, as well as new shocks. Good luck.

TX Mudder

LawnSite Member
A 4&quot; lift will fit 35's if you are doing it for looks. However if you plan on using the front axle, it will rub on the fenderwells. The fix is flares (best IMO) or a body lift. <br>Or, just buy the 6&quot; lift. 4wheelparts wholesalers sells 'em for just a little more than the 4&quot;. It's what I have on my '76.<br> -- Mike