82,000 SQFT problem

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Rossislawn, Mar 27, 2004.

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    Neighbors, family and friends pay double, because it's going to get difficult. I don't do any family accounts. I do, do some friends but I tell them up front business is business and the only way I will negotiate is up!
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    IMO the first mistake was doing an estimate with someone that was drunk at the time, no amount of explaining is going to help him understand your pricing when he sobers up. I really don't understand why people feel a need to explain pricing in the first place. The answer is I'm in business to support my family not for my health, this is my price, call around get other estimates, and let me know if you want us to do the job, end of story.

    Do you make the fertilizer dealer explain his pricing structure or do you ask for the best deal possible based on your volume and move on if it doesn't fit your needs?
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    yep, i agree, talking to someone who is drunk...no thanks.

    We have all, most likely, at on time or another, heard the comment of it only took you a few minutes and you are charging so much $$.

    My answer is always...it only takes a few minutes, but the product I applied will be hard at work for you for the next 6-8 weeks (or even the next 12 weeks, depending on product applied) In your case, the customer feels $400 for 2 hours is extreme. Tell him $400 for 8 weeks of product working hard for him, he might see the picture more clearly (well, not this guy, if he was drunk he cant see anything clearly)
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    It dosnt matter how long it takes! I had a woman tellme she thought $85.00 was too high to spray 5000 ft of fescue comming thruogh bremuda. I sprayed it with corsair 35.00 per ounce!! And 15 min to do the work I ask her how long it would take her to do it? She said hour or better. Different equipment.

    It dosnt matter how much or if they are a friend or what your price is your price. STICK TO IT!!!!!!!!! If you have a friend that sell gas you have to pay the right price, for a car, Why bow down to this dope! If he cant par the agreed on price you are the idiot for dropping it. He shafted you man, he knew all along it wasnt including seed.

    Yes I give friends and family a break, BUT if I tell them a price it is the price.

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    damn $250.. if you put down fer which is about $1.50 per k and diminion with is about $1.56 per k. you might of made $50 after you take out for you gas to get there and to you next job... i just seen broadleaf also. man if you added confront.. you really gave a app away... I don't do contracts unless it's commercial.. but in this case you should of added some round up free of charge.

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