'82 Chevy 3/4 ton

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by TXLAWNBOY, Jan 10, 2004.


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    Just wondering what some of ya'll thought? My sister's boyfriend has a '82 chevy 3/4 ton, 454 v8, auto tranny, 104k miles. He is the second owner and the truck has never been worked very hard. I need to step up to a 3/4 ton truck this year due to it is a growth year for me. He has told me he wants $4000, but I think I can get it for $3k to $3500. It is very clean has a straight body, no rust, no dings/dents, and the interior is in good shape as well. Another thing I like about it is that it has manual locks and windows, no electric motors to go out. My question is do you think I should go w/this truck or find a clean mid to late '90's for about double the money? Thanks for your thoughts.:)
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    What are you doing with it? I think the 454 will be a gas guzzlin 'ho.

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    I will be pulling my lawn trailer as well as a large trailer w/a 45hp tractor and bush hog. I also plan on buying a 7x16 inclosed trailer for lawn equip. I know the 454 will guzzle gas but I'm not real worried about that. What I want to know is do you think a truck like this for this price is worth the investment or not?
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    If it were me I would find a plain jane mid '90s with a 350 v8 for a little more money. If you look at another thread about a guy who bought one , they seem to go for about $6000 which I think is about right if you looked hard enough. But that's just me. 10-12 yrs newer for a couple thousand.
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    You should check out the average retail prices. Try here firsthttp://www.nada.com and herehttp://www.edmunds.com The 454 is A very good motor it will definitely suck down some gas though. But from what you said it is hard to find A 90`s model with those miles anymore. Just make sure the odometer has not rolled over meaning it actually has 200 thousand miles on it which would defiantly change the value.


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    The way I'm looking at it is that it is a 104k mile truck for $4k or maybe a little less. I know that tha odometer has not been altered. My sisters boyfriend who has the truck bought it from the original owner who was a professor at UT. The only thing that the professor used the truck for was once a year, for the summer, he and his wife would pull their bumper pull RV to Colorado. The rest of the year the truck got little use. I have been looking for mid 90's w/350's. All of the ones I find for around $6k have at least as many miles or more. Not to mention the fact that newer trucks are harder to work on because of the computer stuff, the '82 I can work myself. You also have to remeber Texas is a truck state the re-sale on used trucks is high here.
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    TXLAWNBOY do not get me wrong I did not mean altered I meant rolled over the odometer only goes to 100K and goes back to 0 and starts over for those year trucks. But from what you said it seams legitimate .And you are wright Texas definitely is A truck state so that would make A difference in the price and not being computerized definitely helps with maintenance if you know how too.
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    I bought an '84 chevy and wish I had bought a newer truck with fuel injection. Mine has a 305 and has hed a 97 block put in it and still drinks a ton of gas. I would look for a vortec 350 like what is in my 96 tahoe because of the gas savings and it will have as much power as an old 454 has. My truck has plenty of power but just uses to much gas and the 454 will at best only get 8 MPG. My '96 tahoe with 210,000 miles gets around 17 on average and has more than enough power to burn the 33" tires and pull my trailered '84 and not know it was there. You know we have a lot of 3/4 tons around here to.
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    Take it to a mechanic to get a complete inspection to see what may need fixed. Write of the inspection cost as a business expense.

    Maybe the mechanic can tell you if the truck seems like the mileage is correct according to wear on mechanical parts of vehicle.
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    Don't buy it too expensive for old truck and it going to kill you on gas I had a Ford 250 with a 460 that truck got 6 to 9 miles per gallon. Why buy a 22 year old truck for work?

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