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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by MLI, Jul 29, 2001.

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    Hi Guys
    Question for ya! I ran across an old Bobcat(1984) 843 skidsteer for sale. It has 2100 hrs on it, 54 hp diesel,dirt bucket,snow bucket,heat in cab, enclosure cab, re-painted, nice condition appearance wise, good rubber. The guy wants $9600. for it, what do you guys think? Seems to me theres alot of old machines still turning profits out there, as long as they were well maintained. What should I be looking for on an older machine?...stress cracks on the arms?....leaking hydrolic lines?...anything else? Hows the price?

    Thanks ...Mike:)
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    #1, run it hard for a while and listen for any strange sounds and inspect around, under and inside the back hatch for any strange sounds. You can take off the oil plug, and get an idea of maintenance by that. But like you said it was a "clean" machine, chaces are he took care of the guts also.

    #2, If I was spending 10k on a machine that was used, it would be worth it for me to take it by a repair shop or dealer first and pay $50 to have it inspected thouroughly by a proffesional. This will help 2 ways. You may see it as loosing $50 if you don't end up buying it, but I see it as saving you $9,950.00!!! ;)

    It will also help you with haggling the price if the dealer finds a few "flaws" that you can live with.

    Good Luck, and I hope this helped!

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