86 Silverado engine swap

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Shay, Oct 8, 2000.

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    Yes it is possible, and yes it is do-able. I know of several people who have done this. There is a guy on the chevytalk forum who put a LT1 from an F-body in his 81-87 C-10. There are a few on sportruck.com who have converted. Typically the most expensive part is going to be the motor/trans/ECM. Being a new model it will be expensive. I haven't checked, but you might can pick it up at a salvage yard for around $5000. I know where you can get LT1/4L60E's with ECM for $5000 all day long, and he is high on his pricing.

    As far as dropping it in, it would be pretty much a cake walk if you have done alot of swapping. The hardest part would be routing the ECM wiring and mounting. If you used a your transmission instead of the Electronic version 4L60E you would simplify some problems, especially since yours came with a 700R4.

    Which would be cheaper? Of course building a motor would be cheaper. Did I leave some steps out, sure, It would take a book or at least doing it to cover everthing.

    As far as weighing more, not sure how much the new trucks weigh, but my '73 non-power C-10 SWB with 454 weighed 3948lbs. A buddies ( http://www.shelby.net/mgervin ) '85 C-10 SWB weighed 3960lb. Here is a weight discussion we had a few weeks back: http://www.chevytalk.com/ubb/Forum45/HTML/000169.html
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    If your truck is carbureted, then you're in luck. If it's original, it should be. I have an 87 & got stuck with TBI, which means I have to stick with TBI replacements unless I do alot of re-routing & changing things. If you go with a big block, you'll have to replace & change motor mounts, & other things.
    I say your best bet is to search the newspapers & traderonline.com for a 350 motor, which should be like finding a Wal mart-easy. next call northern auto at 800-831-0884 & you can get a 383 rebuild kit with all necessary parts for $650. Jegs & Summit are too expensive. Installation should run about 400-700 if you shop around & find a reputable mechanic. All told you should have maybe 1500-1700 in the whole kit & kaboodle, & it'll eat a 2000 Silverado alive.......... Heck, it'll eat alot of cars alive, depending on your axle ratio. It'll whoop a big block too, unless it's beefed as well. Best bet & bang for the $$$ is a 383 stroker!
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    A BBC uses the same motor mounts as a SBC. The only things you would have to change is the carb to a BBC one and the exhaust and it only needs to be changed at the drop-down tubes from the manifolds. Carb wouldn't "need" to be changed, but you would be hindering the motor some. This is assuming you got the complete BBC, brackets, accessories and all. TBI version would really need a 454 PROM for best results.
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    Do you want an EFI motor?They will cost a lot more and run much better,but power wont realy be any more or less.It will just be more drivable and efficient.The cheap way is a reman or new GM crate motor,you'll be installed for less than 2K with good performance.EFI wise,Id go with the older camaro/firebird L98 TPI,they make lots of torque and will move that truck out like nothing.The porblem is they all have high miles now and are worn out.The LT1 F-body 350 from 93-97 will work well too,but its a little harder swap,and torque is not as good as TPI 350,although it will outpower it on top end.You should be able to find a good running TPI car wrecked or in need of repair for about 1200-2500,uuse the complete engine/trans and harness.I ahve done this before-it isnt that hard-but you need to be knowledgable in electrical and mechanical too.You didnt sya where you were from-so i dont know your emmisions laws there,but any EFI would pass-even in CA,a cammed 350 wouldnt make it past the sniffer however if you have testing in your state-you need to consider this.

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