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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by cat320, Feb 7, 2001.

  1. cat320

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    I saw an '87 chevy dump the other day for sale350 gas with about 80K on it has new 350 that was installed ,auto with an 8' fisher on it.He was asking $5,500 is that a supper good buy for that truck or is he to high? Truck seems to be pretty good except the usuall body stuff.
  2. gitzenlandscape

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    I think that 80k is alot for a 1 ton dump. It may have led a pampered life, but how would you treat a dump truck with a plow if it was yours? The price does sound right, maybe a little low compared to similar vehicles in my area though. Just remember, the tranny, axles, springs, joints, etc. all have 80,000miles on them also, regardless whether they were easy or hard miles. People are inclined to overload a dump truck also which another word for abused. Just make sure you check it out real good before laying your money down. Don't get me wrong, I've never bought a new(or even almost new truck) just realize what you can get into ahead of time.
  3. Pauls Mowing

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    Price sounds about right, Cat, at least the way prices run out here. My '92 has 162,000 on it, all pampered miles and regular visits to Dr. Goodwrench for normal P/M. Mine does not have a plow.

  4. Ocutter

    Ocutter LawnSite Senior Member
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    You can always take the truck to a Chevy dealer or well known mechanic to make sure its ok. I did this recently and it cost $75 to find out that it needed $3000 to be what I consider "usable". I passed on this truck.
  5. steveair

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    Even with the new engine, I would figure you probably will have a problem somewhere, especially trans, which could cost in the 2k range to fix. Also, trucks like that, if they have considerate rust, can be FUN to work on. You go to do a simple thing like change the brakes and find every line is rusted out, the calipers are rusted together, etc. etc. Truck may be a good plow truck, but once you start hammering it in a storm, I would expect something to go wrong.

    Price sounds right though. Its ridiculous when you think about how much used trucks are going for, But I guess its in line with what new ones are going for.

    I'm selling a 90 dodge rack body dump on ebay right now, and its going for around 2500-3k. It's only 2wd and needs engine work, so I would say the 4wd w/new engine would go for at least 5k, at least in my area. I'm seen guys try to sell similiar to that for 9k around me, and they were real rust buckets, but people still buy it.


  6. gitzenlandscape

    gitzenlandscape LawnSite Member
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    Someone once told me that no matter what condition the truck is in, a dump truck (if the dump works) will always be worth a certain price. Whether it's 15 years old or 25 years old, a dump truck is still a dump truck. I would imagine the same goes for a utility body, not sure about a flat bed.
  7. SodFather

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    That sounds like a pretty good deal, I Bought a 85 C30 dually with a dump with the 6.2 Diesel for $6,500 with 91K miles. I had the truck checked out and it was perfect(exept for normal body scratches). It also came with an 8 1/2 foot Western plow. But I would keep looking around and try to find one with a Diesel you will save more in the long run on FUEL, and its much more powerfull. Good Luck.
  8. John DiMartino

    John DiMartino LawnSite Silver Member
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    It sounds good,but i gotta go against the advice of,sod father.Most old diesels of the 80's arent worth sqaut,they cant get out of there own way when new,by now most are leaking oil so bad,valdez would be envious,and they are $$ to repair.Most 6.2's,and 6.9 fords are worn out by now,the mid-eighties ones had head cracking problems,and they start hard in the cold-if they start at all.If you have the mechanical abilitys to repair them,and no what to look for go ahead,other wise stick to the simple chevy 350-you can buy a short block for 800 bucks,the 6.2 will run you over 4500 installed if you need a new engine.The only excpetion to this is a Dodge,the Cummins in the eightys in a great motor,but if you have a problem-you'll scrap the truck,when you find out how$$ it is to repair.
  9. cat320

    cat320 LawnSite Senior Member
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    John I know what you mean I had an '86 e350 and wanted to put one of those cummings recon engines in it called local dealer for cummings and they told me about $9K for engine and another $2K for install.Now mind you the truck was not in the best of condition but it wasn't that bad but not good enough to justify that amount.I would love to get a diesel but the used ones are over priced and beat on around here the money they want almost worth it to buy new .Thanks for everones in put.
  10. SodFather

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    John thanks for the info I didn't know that the 6.2's had head problems. The truck I got drives like it was pampered, had has good pick up. When do these head problems start?

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