87 Ford F250 4x4

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by tmathy, Dec 30, 2001.

  1. tmathy

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    I have a F250 Ford with a 8' plow I just bought replaced the thermostadt and water pump but still seems to get Hot any one have any ideas also had the heads checked for cracks it's not that it over heats but the gauge is way over instead of riding in the middle.

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  2. gene gls

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    Are you saying it heats up with out the plow on ,or with the plow on????????If its with the plow on then you need a new raditor,larger raditor, or trans cooler, or a combination there of. I replaced my raditor this year and its like night and day. Should have done it a few years ago.

  3. tmathy

    tmathy LawnSite Member
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    Its with the plow on it heats up.

  4. turfquip

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    Change the way you carry your plow during transport. Angle right or left. Carry the plow lower. See which way causes the temp guage to stay in the normal range.
  5. John DiMartino

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    Your radiator may be plugged up,if you have A/C I would take off the shroud,and clean out between the rad,and condensor,they build up with leaves,and crap over time,blow out the fins if they are plugged with bugs,or other stuff.You also want to check your clutch fan,when it gets hot,you should here it kick on,and get noisey,as it pulls a lot of air when its engaged.If its not engaging,buy a new one,and get the better(expensive one that is temperature sensitive,They usually come on trucks with the HD towing package/plow package.I think your clutch fan is bad,fro mthe way it sounds>i can hear mine engage at 230 degrees,it draws a lot of power off the engien,once it kicks in the guage should drop 20 degrees in about 1 minute,if everything else is working right,last,make sure you anti freeze concentration is not to strong,to much antifeeze causes overheating,and poor heating of the cab,you want use no more than you have to ,water cools much better than antifreeze,I keep my trucks a -34 degrees.Good luck.
  6. CHC

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    Also have an '87 Ford F-250 4x4 w/Meyers plow. Actually we've had it for about 6 years now. The very first thing we had to do after we put the plow on was to put in a larger radiator. Haven't had a problem since.
  7. dmbhmg

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    I would definitely change your fan clutch, either way it's cheap ($40.00?) and seems to be a problem in the fords. Also, I had a 85 ford f-250 and it also got warm, so I changed the thermostat from a 190 degree to a 160 degree thinking this would help, but it just made the problem worse.........maybe you can try it without a thermostat at all, to see if thats the problem.
  8. 75

    75 LawnSite Senior Member
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    Dmbhmg - when you mention running without a thermostat, I'm assuming you mean just on a trial basis to see if the overheating problem goes away?

    Because running without a 'stat all the time (or too cold of one) will result in the engine taking an excessively l-o-n-g time to reach operating temperature, if it ever does. A thermostat that sticks open will do the same thing. Definitely NOT good for the engine over the long term. :(
  9. dmbhmg

    dmbhmg LawnSite Member
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    Yes, your right about the thermostat. I would never run without one for any long period of time. This would just test it to see if it was opening properly.
  10. Rob

    Rob LawnSite Member
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    Is the plow new on the truck? If so, I would try adjusting the way your carrying the plow. (If you've been running the same way for years, I would look into the radiator / thermostat as others suggested). I had an 88 F250 with a Western on it. When the plow was raised and straight, the truck used to get pretty warm, pretty fast. Dropping the plow a bit and angling to one side or the other used to drop the temp just as fast as it went up. Once I got used to that posistion, I could just raise / turn to it and go. No problems, even at highway speeds.

    Good Luck,

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